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Posted in: Quotes & Poetry by Pamela on October 20, 2008

Hello Pam,

So glad you enjoyed my poem for you.
…. thank you for replying.

With love.

Steve x
A little poem i dedicate to you..

Spirit child wild and free,
dance for me.
Swirl, in your embrace of a gentle breeze,
lifting you softly into the skies,
falling into dream-scapes,
where oceans span in rainbow hues,
reaching a far horizon and lucid dreams.
Swim with dolphin sages and walrus kings,
enchanting them with songs of old,
from Celtic tribes on emerald glen,
under full moon nights and starry skies.
Then come back to me,
with tales to tell ,
to lift my spirits, to ‘heaven’ as well.

Hi Steve … Thank you very much for such a beautiful poem.

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