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May All Beings Know Truth

Posted in: Quotes & Poetry,The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 25, 2008

May all beings seek the truth and the truthful.

And take strides towards honesty in all things.

For although the crowded earth world is dangerous,
(even for the most diplomatic of soothsayers),
the inner world is yet more dangerous,
for those who create confusion,
with lying and manipulation.

For the great is found in the little,
and the little can topple the great.
So what is a little falsehood,
and what is a travesty?

There is of course a difference,
in scale and scope.

But once a lie is allowed to tear the fabric of truth,
Every pull and stress
adds to the tear
until no truth remains.
And all are blind who listen to it.

“I would be as much a murderer to my own heart,
as I would to anything or anyone, if I could not forgive.”

“In my view if one cannot forgive?
One will be in a prison forever.
When I release myself from others,
I release the world.”

The thread of ‘truth’ exists within,
every fiber and cell of your being.

We are at a fork in the road.
What path will you choose?

Walk with honour,kindness,truth,
justice, peace, understanding,
love and forgiveness.
We cannot do this alone.
We all fall once in a while,
and that is okay.
When one is down the other is there,
to help pick you up along the way.

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