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The Signposts

Posted in: A Clearing with David Icke by Pamela on September 29, 2008

This website contains merely “post it notes” of my life.
In a holding pattern for now, assisting memoirs being written.

“It’s not just personal, it’s Universal.”
~ plr

I am assuming those reading this will know what and whom it is about.
If you don’t ~ you soon will.
So will I.

So when I arrived in Sedona, Arizona,
after leaving my home in England,
and husband David Icke, on February 3rd, 2008,
I had this idea to help spread the message David is sharing in a creative way.

You see, we parted amicably, all was good,
as it always should be in a coherent manner.

And three months later,
I received a lovely email from David May 14, 2008, saying:

“The signs gave me a laugh.
love, David”

So when I arrived in Sedona to begin a new life,
I was seeing all these barricades up.
It had a feeling of prison walls as they were widening the roads while under construction.
I thought to plant some seeds in the minds of all those people passing by?
I took photographs then went back the following day for some daylight shots.
So here goes with a loving heart and great sense of humor.
The world needs a giggle, and we are coming in with the tickle!







I walked across the street to take this photo,

Under a Full Moon.

It was my headlights shining on …

“Peace is Easy, and Truth is not Dangerous.”

~ plr

The Moment Matters.

“I’ve lived, loved, cried, fell down, laughed, died, got up, I never knew, I grew, to love more.”

All photos © pamela leigh richards

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