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Beatie Wolfe – Singer Extraordinaire

Posted in: Films by Pamela on October 06, 2008

Beatie is from London, England.
I met her in Southern Colorado
where I was filming for a PBS documentary.

I was invited to film
as a three camera team on an expedition
taking us into a place called “Libre” (means Free in Spanish)

The commune was celebrating
their 40 year anniversary together.

It is set in the Sangre De Christo Mountains,

the longest mountain range in the world

that spans across Southern Colorado
and into Northern New Mexico.

It is so full of quartz crystal and granite
that when the sun shines on the land
it sparkles.

It has the most reported sightings of UFO activity in the world,
I have been told.

And many sightings of ships
or what some might call “spacecraft”

dissappearing into the mountains.

We drove from Sedona, Arizona through Northern New Mexico (Albuquerque)

On up into Southern Colorado.

PBS (Public Broadcasting System), a network station in America

is doing a documentary called: “The Last Commune Standing”.

The reason for filming this 40 year anniversary
was because the founding members of this commune
who are well known in their own rights,
were coming up in age,

The Producer wanted to capture
the incredible stories the members had to tell.

Artists, scientists, and activists,
cutting the edge of life.
Pushing boundaries and prison walls.

These people were connected
to the mind benders of the 60’s.

The documentary is all about:
The human spirit and what these people have endured.

The Beautiful Valley

The crew and members of the commune

So amid this beautiful land
for their 40th anniversay,
I was priviledged to be there with them.

To film and to have met this lovely singer from England,
Beatie Wolfe.

I had never been to a commune before.
I fell in love with the stories, the people, the life,
the land and the experience.

I danced among them in this forest setting.

A bit sweaty and hot from filming all day,
but took a moment aside,
for this fun hug!

Beatie Wolfe and Pamela Leigh Richards being “Free”!
Holding a best friend, my camera.

Check out all the Orbs in the photo!

Thank you Beatie for your beauty inside and out.
Your love, your fantastic writing and music.
I was drawn into it instantly.
Thank you most of all,
for your friendship.
A memory I will never forget.
Thank you “Life” for all of Beatie!
Beatie Wolfe – My Space

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