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Bette Davis and my Uncle
William Grant Sherry

Posted in: Photo Gallery by Pamela on December 29, 2008

Grant was Bette’s third husband.
He also fathered Bette’s only natural child, B.D.
For the “short” of it, if you wish to view? Please See Here and See Here
Discovery Channel interviewed my Aunt Marion (Richards) a few years back
for a documentary called STARDUST about Bette’s life (Marion lived with Bette).

My desire is to create a film about my Aunt Marion
because her story is incredibly amazing.

One which, truly touches my heart deeply on many levels
at what this young girl lived through, coming out the other side with such
love, forgiveness, compassion and empathy for all she endured.

Upon meeting Marion, Grant told Bette, we must hire her! And said “she has the face of an angel.”
Which she does, and a heart to go along with it. I love her so very much and is a soul mate.

Time Magazine
Two days after he was divorced by highstrung Cinemactress Bette Davis, 42,
William Grant Sherry, 35, announced that he would marry Marion Richards, 23,
nursemaid to his and Bette’s three-year-old daughter Barbara.
Said Sherry:
“Marion is a very spiritually impressive girl.”

Uncle Grant and Aunt Marion.

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