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Wash Your Feet

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 09, 2023


It was Egypt 2007, where I spent five months in rest and recovery.

Marsa Shagra, an Eco Village, where this all took place.

Swimming wild & freely with dolphins in the Red Sea.

It holds deeply loving and fond memories for me.

Magical, truly magical and ever so needed.

One Last Goodbye.


“I’m just a particle with a heartbeat.”

~ plr  2010


“When one has peace within,

then the world is ONE/won.”

~ plr 2010


“Sometimes the student can

outteach the teacher.”

~ plr 2010


For every human life including WE right now,

for then our children and grandchildren,

may we leave the legacy of truth.

It starts with US.

Hear the Call.



“In the garden of our challenges

may the Lotus petal

be the table

we all rest upon

with empty minds seeing

eye to eye in peace.”

~ plr


“The freedom of my soul will never be diminished

yet at times is greatly missed.

You know what i’m saying, I know you know.

It is something that is simply there, unhindered.

They want to divide us when our song says unite us.

I just cannot bow to the hate ~ ever.

My soul says rise no matter.”

~ plr


I know many have gone through the worst. So have I.

No comparing  please ~ for pain is pain.

A paper cut to a child hurts even though it seems so trivial. It’s not.

The Greatest Comfort is Knowing You Are Not Alone.

I can’t do small moves, I need quantum leaping solutions NOW.


My whole immediate family is gone.

Very surreal that I am the last one standing.

I had a family of five.

I remember my mother having to sleep in the guest bedroom

of our house because of my fathers snoring through the nights ….

I was living there at the time.

She was in late stages of cancer throughout her body.

I asked my mother one evening as I crawled into bed with her,

if I could sleep with her?

She said, yes of course, just don’t move too much.

We were facing each other and I held her hand.

I said: “Mom, I have always loved your hands”

She said: “With all those age spots ..”

I replied: “They are beauty on the canvas of your life mom.”

Three of my family members came to me profoundly from beyond.

I still wonder…

Even though it was extraordinarily real?

It truly is … a personal journey.


Remember me now for tomorrow you might not.

And that is okay too. No regrets, no sorrow, no nothing.

Meet me in the middle of forever ~ in perfect timing.

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