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2021 December Comes

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 22, 2021

Life is precise.

Time to step away from current alignments.

“I float with unbending intent.”



Our human species is on the precipice of its own distinction. Why?

We must become undivided. Recognize our uniqueness.

Recognize our value for even being here.

Recognize it without EGO, or thinking.

It is there ~ and empty ~ awaiting our arrival,

Beyond all social conditionings that taught us,

to do the opposite of what is possible within us.

Time to unlearn. The field of life is vast and obtainable.

Humans need food, water, shelter, and resources.

Nature provides this availability freely.

And all animals require innately, love, kindness, and understanding.

We are here to Do No Harm. Yet remove harm when necessary.

We are Bio~Electro~Magnetic~Water~Body~Vessel~Vehicles.


YOU have value.

YOU are important.

Together with intention we can eradicate the evils on this planet.

Only with like heart and mind.




the words above are a LINK. Click it.

In Order to Break the spell truth must be told.

Regarding the ‘link’ above:

I lived with Sue Ford for one month in December, 1999.

This was an attempt to recover missing time or memories I might have had.

So far, I have no recollection of ever being mind controlled in the manner she was.

Her daughter Kelly was there along with Ted Gunderson, special agent in charge of the L.A. FBI.



“Thank you life for sharing the dance, one point at a time for balance.”

Opening eyes to new horizons. Nature is empty and illuminating …. 

“Every breath I take is a prayer” 


I earned a PhP ~  purely by breathing. Doctor of Phew!

I have been my own University all along.

My own research project

My own life’s experiment.

Am grateful for the lessons along the way.

Am grateful for those that participated in the journey.

A never ending one at that. Lighten UP!

“Do not try to explain, just be.”




Jon Rappoport

The Corbett Report

The Trust Technique

Resonance Science Foundation


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