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Sahaja – Ones natural State

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 11, 2016

“Life is water dancing to the tune of solids.”
~ Albert Szent-Gyorgyi

“The mind is the imagination of the voyage.”
~ Matt Kahn

A voyage is apparently as I understand it,
an expedition of flight by land, water, space, air,
or somewhere to a distant place in mind on a stroll?
I would surmise it to be a place imaginable from the unimaginable.
Your call to contemplate the thinking of it,
simply call when I am home.

Wolves painting snow

“No distance too far for love to travel.”

white rose october 2013 wildflower inn

“I don’t know where you’re going, but my path has no stop signs.”

White Tiger blue eyes.Collin Bogle

“I have friends in high places.”


“Life is not about money, it is about breathing through every experience peacefully.”

“Introverts are just as valuable as extroverts, if maybe not more so.
And their wisdoms are not always shown,
for it is not important to them to be well known.”

Timing is everything. I wish I had filmed a particular experience in the Red Sea, Egypt,
one time when this very thing happened regarding riding the wave:
“We just left Sataya on the zodiac heading to shore among very choppy waters
when to our left ~ up comes a wave so high it would have engulfed our boat.
With an experienced driver it was no problem.
The beauty was what was IN that wave.
Dolphins riding it as we cruised under like a surfer.
The dolphins were literally sailing over us in the wave as we passed under,
so close I could have touched them.
I went for my camera but stopped, and in a flash,
simply experienced this moment of magic,
becoming ONE as they flew by.”
Wow! I want to paint it someday. I’ll never forget it.

“If you have a dime in a moment, touch the nickel.
At the same time, don’t be caught in the illusion”

“Tears are merely releasing the heart of compassion in action.”
~ pamela leigh richards 2010

“We are Not all one.”

“I AM you, YOU are Me, in the sense of sensibility.
M.E. = Magnetic Electricity.
Like attracts Like in the fields of all possibility.
Play in kind respectfully”

Pamela Sun

“What is living without reason?”

Sunset white flowers green mountain garden

“Every day I open my eyes, every night I close them, I am born again.
The goal posts have changed. Catch me if you can,
as I wave flying through time and space, again and again.”


“If I do nothing here, you will know me when you get there.”

“If you don’t join, you have nothing to lose but a memory.”

“I will always understand my tears.”

Quotes and comments: pamela leigh richards copyright 1960-infinity, unless otherwise stated.
Book forthcoming: OceanHeart
Images: Unknown unless otherwise stated with gratitude.
Image: White Rose pamela leigh richards
Image: White Tiger called ‘sheltered’ by Collin Bogle
Image: Giraffes by Collin Bogle
Image: Sun bursting Sedona, pamela leigh richards

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