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DOLPHINS – Red Sea in Egypt

Posted in: DOLPHINS by Pamela on March 17, 2010

This video is self explanatory.
“You cannot enter a house of china with anger.” ~ plr 2010

I will elaborate further on my dolphin stories soon.
For now, please enjoy the beauty of these wonderful entities that share our world with us.
The top photo represents this:
I was in the Red Sea swimming with around 100 wild dolphins all alone and naked.
Hence the white towels I am wearing after being with them for hours.
The only human with me was the driver of the ‘zodiac’ who sat and waited.

I said to Mohamed;

“It is not ‘I’ that must clothe my body,
tis’ you that must clean your mind.

This is FREEDOM. Away I went 🙂

It was magical and ever so beautiful!

This little guy exposed his heart to me because he knew I was not going to hurt him.
Enormous trust, in my view, when he did this.
The love I felt racing through my body
for all of life and connecting with these beautiful mammals is indescribable.
We were one and at peace.
Can it be more lovely than this?

The Love of a Shark
Her book forever in the making.
It just happens. Love the journey and leave the rest.

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