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Posted in: DOLPHINS by Pamela on March 17, 2010

A different View of Life ~

Here is the video created of the beautiful female shark I was with at Elphinstone Reef in the Red Sea off the coast of Egypt. She is an “Oceanic White Tip Shark”. The “screen shot” images are in sequence as to her movement towards me, then under me. She was very calm. You can see a couple of divers below at about 5 metres looking up watching. I was the only one on the surface as a snorkeller. I found out later it is the most dangerous place to be.

They are consciousness too. They just happen to be in bodies with a face that only looks ferocious because we have been programmed and conditioned to ‘believe’ it.

And they too are being mercilessly slaughtered through one means which is called ‘finning’. They are pulled onto the boats, their fins are cut off then they are thrown back into the water still alive and sink to the bottom and die a slow and painful death. All unnecessary and must STOP.

We went out with the worlds expert on shark attacks and sharks by the name of Erich Ritter. Look him up on google and YouTube to watch a documentary being made where a shark took off his left calf only because someone was not doing their job. Not because the shark was intentionally trying to bite him.

Remember, we have nothing to fear but fear itself and it is time to break the trance. I never thought I would think of them as I do now and I was not as frightened as I thought I would be. You know why? Because I was a bit more educated with information to dispell the myths and coupled with what I ‘know’ pushed me to face this challenge personally.

When I slid in the water, time stood still. I left the world on the surface behind and entered hers. It was incredibly powerful and gentle. She and I became ONE. I fell in love with her. The connection I felt is indescribable. It was magic. I did not want to leave her. Then she danced for me, which, you will see on the film.

We can break any spell once we open our eyes and ears to see and hear. The days before are gone, they hold me no more and the time is now. To change patterns, to change thoughts, to change everything. To break bad habits and unfold a new beginning.

This is a picture of myself swimming on the surface taken by a diver below at Elphinstone.
Very tiny indeed, however, will give you a perspective of the depth of this place.
It is so dangerous that three French divers died on day three. They were never found.
My heart went out to them and I know that they left doing what they loved
And in a very peaceful way in the sea.

Here is a link to the TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) experience I talk about in the video.

Anna Breytenbach ~ Animal Communicator

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