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2021 The Power of Life

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on November 13, 2021


“Thank you for carrying me.”

~ plr



“Creation does not require work, it requires love,

and the rest will unfold denying gravity,

no matter what you have to let go of.

Let it begin with you.”

~ plr



Breathe Peace



“Living in coherency with life,

Includes knowing when to let go,

of pretty much everything,

one has been taught to believe,

throughout history.”

~ plr


The Gaming System

Above is a link. Click it.


Australia and Ireland with Max Igan

Above is a link. Click it.


Österreich ist GEFALLEN?

Above is a link. Click it.


Investigating Austria’s Lockdown

Above is a link. Click it.


Speaking out in San Antonio Mel K. 

Above is a link. Click it.


Majdanek, Poland 1941 – 1944


What is inscribed on the stone of the Dome?

Beneath it is a pit full of the ashes and bones of humans.

Los Nasz Dlawas Przestroga

“Let our fate be a warning to you.” 



NVR4GT (Never Forget)



“If someone can make you believe an absurdity,

you are then capable of committing an atrocity.”


We are collectively primed to make the shift.

Time to FACE LIFE Together.




“There is a place I long to be 

Like some distant memory haunting me 

A void of nothing, yet, everything 

Where only kindness matters 

In the joy of infinity.”

~ plr


The message. Signed. Sealed. And Released.

All animals want to be FREE.



“Release is freeing.
To be heard is allowing.
To recognize is loving.
And to let go, is beyond measuring.”
~ plr 2010


“My tears fall not for my pain,

but for your compassion.”

~ plr 2010


“The only show that must go on, is the voice in my heart.”




“The path isn’t a straight line: it’s a spiral. 
You continually come back to things 
you thought you understood 
and see deeper truths.” 
~ Barry H. Gillespie


“The only way it’s not going to happen,

to anyone else again,

is when we stop it Now.


Inside and OUT.

And that means …

speaking truth that hurts,

truth that breaks the spell,

that was attempting,

to bind humanity’s mind.

Truth that is free to BE,

truth that is simply that ~

A humanity unbound,

In the everlasting place in space,

of eternity.”


Clean Earth, Clean Water, Clean Air, Clean Skies ..

Clean hearts and minds ..

Nature provides all freely.

Free is what we are ~ naturally ~ untethered.

~ plr



“Meet you in the middle of forever.”

~ plr






Adam Apollo

Sika Sound Journey

The Trust Technique

Resonance Science Foundation

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