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2021 Unfolding Reality

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 28, 2021

Thank you Porangui and all family


“Like a minnow knowing, in an Ocean.”

~ plr


Continue communicating with one another 

and as long as we do this 

the tide will turn 

and the choirs voice will grow 

to a point it becomes 

the sympathetic resonance

Of peaceful coherence. 


“It’s the habit that hurts to break, not thee.”


“Turn the Tide and naturally become a New Wave of Life”


Evil wants to kill, and the reverse of that is Life that Desires to LIVE.

We are playing in an unbounded field of potentials and possibililities.

Nurture Peace and kindness.


“When we recognize a ONEness there is no war.”


The Romanov Royal Martyrs

Above is a link. Click it.


“If you speak the truth

over and over, and over,

the lie becomes mute.”

~ plr



“Creation does not require work, it requires love,

And the rest will unfold denying gravity.

No matter what you have to let go of,

Let it begin with you.”

~ plr







The Trust Technique

Resonance Science Foundation

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