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Radio Interviews

Posted in: Radio by Pamela on June 29, 2009


RECENT SHOW – Friday February 3, 2017
THA Talks with Paul Obertelli and David Parry
The essence of this show was due to the asking and I accepted.
What I’ve shared is truth that I’ll never be sorry for saying.
Like a book in the library that can be read over and over again,
coming out closing it with love, learning, and laughter.

“We choose the pieces of the puzzle of life,
that help reorganize the scenery into a collage of coherency.” ~ plr

“Being extraordinary means telling your story,
with the intention it is a healing release for all that will hear.” ~ plr

Some corrections from show, and added information:
* I was 50 in 2010 at the time of my TBI (traumatic brain injury), not 40.
* My Aunt Marion was nursemaid to Bette Davis’ daughter B.D. Hyman.
* Icke suggested I have mind control deprogramming help with Sue Ford/Bryce Taylor,
who’s handler was Bob Hope. I was willing to give it a try, yet, always inately knew, I was not that.

So I lived with Sue in a private rented home in Las Vegas for one month in December 1999. Sue was continuing to unravel her life at this time as well. This is real. My heart wants only Peace as we all unravel life from its mysteries. I met Sue’s daughter Kelly who lived with us there, seeing her switch many times, like multiple personalities. For those new to this, switching means a trigger, ie: in this situation Kelly was drawn to watch certain television shows, particularly Disney channels, which is full of triggers causing the person to switch into another personality. I saw all of this happen before me as Kelly was told by her mother Sue to turn the television off. Sue and I would be upstairs doing all we could to help Kelly from the intense physical/mental/emotional abuse she had endured throughout her life. One can imagine how tough it is especially since Sue and Kelly were part of what they call “Mother, Daughter” programming. I was learning first hand how incredibly tough this is to break free from. More to know.

* David called me on the phone one time while I was there, asking me to go outside.
He asked if I could see the Full Moon? I said yes.
He asked me to marry him. I said ‘yes’ under the Full Moon.

* Ted Gunderson, the head of the L.A. FBI, lived with us part time during that month.
He was there to protect us, he said.

* This is the question mark that was always above my head after I met David Icke. Was I or was I not? When I came together with David, the first thing brought to my attention was, could I possibly be a subject of trauma based mind control? Due to the red flags of living on military Air Force Bases, blonde hair, blue eyes? Okay got that. I was listening but it never felt right? Along the journey with Icke, even when three prominent mind controlled people said when they met me that I was ‘much higher’ than they were? I simply don’t agree. So much more I could share because it is relevant to our collective unravelling of which I am a part of in the Connected Universe. We must think with our heart brain vs. the head brain. Life is so simple from my view as to how life can be. I’m doing my best to help make the path more clear. This collective story is not over yet, so let’s all do our best together and have fun revealing it.

October 17, 2015
Inspirational Voices Radio Show with hosts Alan Cox and Jillian Haslam.
This is a wonderful interview and so happy to have participated with such amazing people!

CLICK HERE for the Backstage Pass to the interview with Pamela, Alan, and Jillian

February 26, 2015 with Alan Cox and Sherrie Wilkolaski
Thank you Alan and Sherrie for the invitation to your show.
It was so much fun!
We cannot live life alone, side by side we go,
with wild dolphins in the Red Sea, Egypt,
as more of Pamela’s experiences are revealed.
Thank you all for taking the walk with me and simply ‘being’.
Pamela was having an intense energy surrounding her during this interview.
Her head felt like a multitude of energies were pouring in.
This had been going on for three days prior.
It was a struggle to come to the surface, so to speak.
Very intense, very beautiful, simply a wee bit expanding at this time.
My beautiful Egyptian friend I talk about in the interview,
whom I could not remember his name? Is Gemma.

I’ll share a couple of screen shots from the filming of the dolphins at Samadai in 2007,
the protected reef I talk about in this interview:
dolphin-point-finger-Samadai pamela-quote

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The below 5 Shows were part of a massive emotional clearing for Pamela,
regarding her life and marriage with David Icke.

The written story can be found on “THE CLEARING” page
Below each show is further evidence clarifying what was being discussed.
In order to have balance all must be on the table of truths.
Remember, this is not about David’s message, it is about my life with the man behind it.

RADIO 5 series with Alan Cox Final
Pamela was seen as a liability to Ickeland. What are they going to do with her?
Well, they tried to remove her, yet she survived and lived to share this story.
AS FOR THE DIVORCE: The courts awarded Pamela an amount, yet, it came with a condition by David. On 31 August 2012 the exchange was to happen. That day came and went, the lady chose to walk with nothing. The condition was not acceptable and it was never about the money.

The Two People David sent to spy. June, 2010
Pamela was selling some of her personal belongings locally and advertised in the Facebook Sedona Buy and Sell Group. Two people arrived at Pamela’s home on separate occasions, which, she later found were under false pretenses. Surreptitiously trying to get information for David, who was actually spying on her. Thank goodness Pamela had a third party witness when one of them came. The reason she knows they were there under false pretenses was because she received their two statements from David’s lawyer!

Excerpt from one statement [Vena Davis]:
“She [Pamela] pointed to the – garden plot that she had been clearing. She walked over to the spot where she had tripped [broke ankle]. I [Vena] was able to take a phone picture of the plot when she was not looking. I [Vena] asked to see the spot where she fell [meaning the garage] – she was walking and talking and I [Vena] tried to document it with my phone video, but it beeps when it is recording. She turned around to see what was beeping and I said ‘my phone beeps when I have a message waiting.’ I asked Pamela to demonstrate the bounce-back-chair for me – I asked if I could get a video of her using it, and she said ‘no …”
One thing she, Vena, did not state was how I, Pamela, nearly fell over a few times on her visit. Walking to the garage and one time almost fell over ‘on her’ when walking into the kitchen. Pamela went through a long period of fear not knowing who to trust because of this. The worst thing that happens to people with brain injuries is for others to say how fine they are. It is why they call it “The Silent Epidemic” and “The Walking Wounded.” What goes on inside the brain is not something you see. My lawyer knows. Many times I called crying in desperation asking him to come over because I could not focus on the paperwork. I am right brained creative, the left side of tasking chores was very challenging. Still is. David had no mercy nor understanding. Even my counsel stated: “He is a very angry bitter man.” Kindness does not always turn away rage.

On RADIO 5 above I mentioned some lies by “Truth Frequency Radio”
~ with Chris and Sheree Geo.
I just found the initial email (9.January.2012) from Chris, asking me on their show.
When I arrived on the show (3.June.2012), I do feel it was a set up.
Here is the original email I received from Chris, who initiated the contact.
“Hi Pamela,
We read your recent article and to be frank, we always had a bad feeling about David.
His energy didn’t seem to radiate the things he talks about he seemed to be, well, not the gentleman he claims to be. Up until now we’ve bit our tongue and not addressed the matter because we didn’t want to throw the baby out with the bath water, but I think it’s time the truth be told. Would you be interested in coming on our show this Saturday, or any other Saturday from 9pm-10pm or 11pm pacific? We would like to bring the truth out to our audience. Please let us know and we’re very sorry for what you are going through. Is there a number we can contact you on or perhaps a skype contact? Chris”
Once I was on the show, it became clear it was a set-up not to discuss David, but to attack.
I do believe they sided with he.
Contrary to the purpose set out in their original email?
They now post this description of the purpose of the interview for public viewing.
“Pamela Leigh Richards, formerly Pamela Icke joins us to discuss her work on consciousness with Nassim Haramein. Although she agreed she would not discuss her former relationship with David Icke, the topic was quickly diverted [by them]. Because we believe in being an open platform for our guests and allowing them to speak their mind [except Pamela], we listen openly and ask some tough questions.”
At one point Chris blurted out “Are you reptilian!?”
Then cut me off ending the interview playing “Money” by Pink Floyd.
And a few can’t control the world? It’s a doddle.
The show is now not available. Interesting? I do have a copy of it though.

RADIO 4 series with Alan Cox continues.
We did not finish the planned three part series so continued with another two shows.

As far as Pamela getting a job? 17 April 2008 on Davids forum, someone was wise to point out [when Pamela tried to co-support her husband with her CafePress site ], saying; “She does however make a point of informing us she was formally Pamela Icke. Why mention the name Icke if she doesn’t want people to know as peters [John Peters] is spinning. Why use the word formally if that is still her name? Now the Icke sheepdogs are barking out once again. Sean and John are going to web site owners known to be users of the Icke forum and asking them to not carry links to the site.” All this was going on behind Pamela’s back and she never knew.

RADIO 3 series with Alan Cox

Regina Meredith and Conscious Media Network.
She sent this to Pamela on 22 June 2006 saying:
“Now, let’s get down to business my friend. 100% of your energy and efforts should be in assisting David in any way that’s needed right now. Life does not always seem fair. If you try to put yourself and your feelings above your support of him, you’ll suffer. Remember, you made him suffer.[Regina is saying this based upon a reading I had with her spirit guide called Arshram about some past life I had with Icke. I have the tape and did not agree with all that was said.] And now you need to prove you’re a worthy companion through your ability to be a team player.”
Pamela said “no” to the cult tea, thank you.
Regina replied, 20 August 2010, to my friend. Excerpt of email.
“David took a risk on a soul level to invite her back in. As a soul he was fully aware that it was a risk. Pamela in turn, was aware that he had given her another chance to correct a past imbalance she had created [Regina/Arshram reading see above. Funny how she seems to know what I’m aware of?] She chose not to elevate the quality of her participation.[I did?] We have a path of right action, or the descending path. Why Pamela has chosen the latter … is not for me to say.”
[You just did Regina.]

RADIO 2 series with Alan Cox

David Icke newsletter 29 August 2009
“People stay in tired, loveless, even abusive relationships, because they don’t want to face what is. I have heard women concoct the most amazing excuses for their partner knocking the crap out of them. ‘It was my fault, I made him mad at me.’ No, he’s a brutal bully. Face it. Get out of there. He is what he is. It is what it is.”
This lady got out.

Meria Heller (Radio Personality)
7 September 2009 to Pamela in email on the run up to the Phoenix Event:
“You stay strong, and know you are on the right path.”
Love, Meria

10 October 2009 to Pamela in email.
I feel for you Pamela. His behavior will continue until you no longer allow it.
Yet, she sided with him allowing his behavior on her radio show attacking Pamela. Hypocricy.
I met her at the Phoenix event 17 October 2009.
On a YouTube interview with David:
25 Sept 2012 Fakes and Frauds she says; [directed at Pamela]
“What happens to one happens to all, we’re with you David.”
“We all have to stick together.”
“Well, after awhile you realize that they’re just reptilians in sheep’s clothing.”
“I know this might sound corny but ‘by their works you will know them.'” [Indeed Meria]
This YouTube interview was soon made private among many others with David and Meria.

RADIO 1 series with Alan Cox

A friend of Pamela contacted her stating that Icke emailed asking to go against her.
This friend finally came forth after a few years.
Another shockwave confirming bewilderness?
When the request was declined saying Pamela was her friend,
she received the wrath of Icke in a vulgar manner unworthy towards the recipient.
Pamela was told by friend that Icke said some nasty things, she retaliated.
I couldn’t believe the level of insidiousness, disgusting really at what came out of his mouth at me. It was really vile to be honest. So I saw a very clear glimpse of what you are talking about.

What Icke did and whatever his intentions, will not be accepted here.
Living and learning. Peace may it be if ONE can handle it.
He wants to save the world, yet, wants to crush one girl?
Cause and Effect. Maybe I am now the effect of his cause.
I wish him well.

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1st Interview with Alan Cox

The feather flies …

2nd Interview with Alan Cox

“Observe but don’t absorb.” ~ plr

“Expanding and contracting. It’s nice to know we are not alone. We can help this world by living in the center of our universe with no anger, hatred, or reaction to the outside world. When you feel the energy of light encodement attention reality now (L.E.A.R.N.), making reality now moments? This light is so powerful, that when hearts open, this door is so bright, that all the periphery of thought disappears. All is enveloped by this Light. All the happenings in your life vanish like magic. It is calm, it is serene, it is bliss. It is nothing, yet, everything. It is release. I feel it as least, one of the keys to Peace.” ~ plr

“I cherish and value the friendship and love that we all carry for ~ and towards each other. We’re just taking a walk, that’s all we’re doing, we’re taking a walk. Build what you see. My tears fall not for the journey, or what was endured of it, they fall for the beauty of the flow in mastering it. Never be afraid.” ~ plr


Thank you very much to Bryant and Louis for the treasure I have in knowing you.
(WORLD PERSPECTIVES – June 29, 2009)
An amazing, special two part, three-hour interview
with Pamela Leigh Richards and Dr. Louis Turi.
Pamela, David Icke’s former wife, IS a real-life Peaceful Warrior.
Follow her unique journey from the highest peaks around the world,
to the darkest hours of self-destruction, and through to her final rebirth
and emergence from the quiet inner-depths of self-realization.
Listen as Pamela exposes her heart and sensitivity in this raw and extensive journey
into the vivid dreams of the great possibilities that await those who journey within.

This show is no longer available. Twas’ great fun and very memorable though.
Nowever, here is the first ten minutes. Recorded June 29, 2009.

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