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In order to live

Posted in: Movie Gallery by Pamela on July 06, 2009

It is not necessary to kill in order TO LIVE.

Underwater footage of a humpback whale fifteen miles off Bermuda – by Andrew Stevenson, “I had spent 300 hours over ten weeks trying to film the migrating humpbacks underwater. It was the end of April and I didn’t have a minute of footage. And then I was in the water filming dolphins when this whale found me. The encounter was almost two hours long often within inches of the whale. It was also the first chance I had had to use my underwater housing and video camera. I had an overwhelming feeling that I was looking into the eyes of a very intelligent creature. It took me a week to sleep after the experience and a month to talk about the experience without becoming emotional. It is tragic that the Japanese whaling fleet is setting off this year to [let us change this to NOT] kill [0] 50 endangered humpback whales, [0] 50 fin whales and [0] 935 minke whales in Antarctica in a whale sanctuary.”

I completely understand this amazing feeling. Thank You for sharing Andrew.

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