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In a Moment

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on April 08, 2015

“Inspired by an orderly environment.”

Lady siloughette

“What came first?
The silence golden before you were born,
or what you came out to see?
Oh how I do believe in erasing some things.
Purely by not believing.”

Curtsy with gratitude

“If god does not wake me up, I AM going to sleep.
I’ve brushed my teeth I’m good to go.”

There is a moment that happens ….

“Am I a page in a book that turns, or a birds song singing upon an ear hearing.”

“You do one thing and it changes everything. I let go of listening.”

“Feel the love of life for the sound is deafening.”

“So what is going on in make believe?”

“I’m not looking for a past idea.”

Stock Footage

“Living, learning and sharing while I live. Simple as this.”


Pamela Red Rocks Sun 9 quote 2

I love my wing crew! Thank you for BEing.
“Peace flows in song BEyonder the square.
No fight ever necessary here.”

“Life is in flow motion. No need to know maths.
Your heart is correctly calculated.”

“There is a reason for this equalstanding.”

Quotes & Comments: Pamela Leigh Richards otherwise kindly noted.
“OceanHeart” her book. A coming artistic endeavor.
“Her book of Knowing” ~ working title for the other ONE.
The Dancer on the Beach
Images: Unknown unless stated, thank you.
Mermaid on rock: Stock footage, thank you.

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