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All One ~ An Illusion

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on June 04, 2013


“Strength is not a battle when you give it up.”

“What another thinks is not my concern, I know what I am doing.”

Pamela quote Foxes Heart Touch 2010

“Nothing is ever too little, too late, or too great.”

“Seeing with new eyes. Catch me if you can.”

Space Agency Pamela

Whale-Jump-Mirror pamela quote

“Take the next step. Never carry the one you left.”
“I love every moment. Free flow.”

Pamela Sunlight Garden quote 12

“Life is a play and what you make of it.”

AlanGinsberg quote

“We are born to be free, not what we are told to believe.”

“I grok you.”
[to understand so thoroughly that the observer becomes a part of the observed.]

Pamela quote tree path

“Can you let go enough to get out of your own mindset?”

Enough said.

elephants two

“You gotta make it up your’self’, knowing you can never, ever, do anything wrong,
because your wrongs will always teach you right.”

elephant walklight pamela quote copy

elephant walklight rumi quote

The picture just fit the quote so beautifully.

penguins pamela quote

“If we’re all ONE, then I’m loving being all over the place not having to do everything!”
“It is about treating life with respect, yet, never giving up your …”

quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise noted.
images: unknown unless otherwise noted.
Image: squirrel in garden – moi
What she sees? What is here is sharing only a part of the ONE we all seem to be.

More Views of Life: Vimeo

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