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Patience and Trust

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on November 24, 2012

“Patience can seem like a lifetime before what was once unseen,
unfolds into what you originally had dreamed.”

“Dance to the tune … keep singing!”

We Are Cleaning House.
Stop perpetuating the form of thought that keeps the mass mind set in fear.
Know the power you wield with a simple act of kindness for thy’self’,
first and foremost because you CAN.
Let go of doubt ~ because you KNOW.
Let go of insecurity ~ because you are SAFE.
Let go of not feeling good enough ~ because you ARE GOOD.
Let go of feeling not worthy ~ because you ARE EVERYTHING.
Time to take your power HOME!

Most importantly STOP COMPARING.

“A hero is someone who can stay when others leave.
And on the other side of the coin?
A hero is someone who leaves ~ knowing we’ll all in the end meet.”

It is beyond the point of a created path of place
where stimulated gets a vibratory sense upon a touch.
I care not to remember, yet, to more know, what has never been lost or sold.
My love exists beyond any borders of past beliefs and am flying freely.
One cannot fly to these places with excess e-motional baggage of mind thoughts.

Two words that have always been with and guiding moi – “Patience” & “Trust”
I listened.
Film forthcoming of this lass’ journey about to blossom through much patience.
Sharing because she cares, she lives, she breathes, she experienced, life is magical, she knows.
It is why I call this’self’ a floater.
Flying through life unattached knowing the impermanence of it all.
If you are going to dance, have fun doing it without harming any other life form.


Step away from Babel ON that keeps the human brain in e-motion feeding the spinning wheel.
So, it is not so much that we need to ‘remember’,
it is that we LIFT OUT of remembering anything, and touch that particle self of KNOWING
that has no memory of created past beliefs embedded upon our minds to THINK.
We can erase it all at any time and create anew.
Now that is the quantum leap in REAL-EYE-SING the power of LIVING.

Cruising through to 2013. Riding the Crest of the Waves in Peace.

“Life and living is as equal as the forces that birth them.”

“Sometimes you have to die in order to live.”

“I call in all the gods and lords of creation manifested in the spark of light to ‘BE’ before thy’self’ as nothing more than peace, in and of it’self’. Coherently, gracefully, recognized and scribed as acceptedly dignified. May this awareness BE with new eyes equally seen, for the good of the whole.”

Gemutlich ~ comfortably relaxing while fully awake & travelling!

“Are you living life to survive it, or are you living life to LOVE it?”

“Do not live life from what you’ve been told,
live it from what you KNOW.”

“What is not written can be heard in silent sound,
if one listens to the silence between the lines.”

“One dies in self doubt, one grows in self knowing.”

Silence is golden.
Wrap your mind around this.
Walk away in Peace. Let it Be.

Quotes: Pamela Leigh Richards
Images: unless noted unknown with all due respect, thank you.
Image Pamela Giza Egypt: same
Image Buddha candles Hand: pamela leigh richards
Image Pamela Red Rocks: Bill Mortimer
Image Pamela Green Halo Sun: Bill Mortimer

Film Forthcoming: Here with gratitude.
This Blog is her life story copyrighted under International Copyright Law and an agreement must be obtained before any form of reproduction is made, printed or otherwise.
To all the co-artists allowing co-creation ~ thank you, i love you, i am you, you are me, we are we. When I cannot do, you speak, sing, write, draw, and think when i was unable to. Cheers mates! All for ONE and ONE for ALL! With deepest gratitude i bow sincerely, respectfully in humbled heart, may peace reign upon every’one’.
The Light Will Never Go Out

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