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Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 06, 2009

Create the world you wish to see
Remember a place of blending sensories
Where peacocks sing in purples and blues
And shades of orchids leave lips quivering
There is a place within all of us and you know
Inviting a dance to express the colour of your soul.
pamela leigh richards

There are more than thirteen thousand islands in the Indonesian Archipelago,
scattered like stepping stones between the continents of Asia and Australia;
but you will not find Nus Tarian marked on any map. Nevertheless, it exists.

“All sounds have colors?”
“Astaga! You did not know?”
“How can you listen to talk or music without color?”
Her eyes were full of pity.
“When the drums talk, they lay a carpet of brown, like soft sand on the ground.
A dancer stands on this.
Then the gongs call in green and yellow,building forests through which we move and turn.
And if we lose our way,
there is always the white thread of the flute or the song to guide us home.”
Gifts of Unknown Things – Lyall Watson

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