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Change begins when one looks through the mirror to the other side.
Not ‘at’ the reflection but beyond the reflection.
“Life” talks to us in many ways.
Through books, people, film, music, art and all expressions in varying forms of ‘matter’.
When I watched the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean – At Worlds End”
I nearly fell off my seat at what I was seeing because it was a visual
Of what I had been feeling/thinking/saying for awhile now, that …

“We must turn ourselves inside out and do everything that we thought was impossible”
It might get a bit rough but know that together we will see it through.
The messages are right in front of us but humanity is so ‘entertained’ it passes by most.

Enter = To Bury or The Doorway.
Tain = to Hold or Seize or Capture.
Ment = Mind

Think about it?

Entertainment = The door you enter that captures your mind.
And takes your money at the theatre doors! Make sure you choose your Entertainment wisely.

I’m mad for Peace. Everything is backwards and I can ‘see’.

You get more bees with honey. Gotcha.
A little bit of sugar helps the medicine go down. See Ya!
You will always find a good opponent in the very last place you would ever look.
If you don’t stand for something, you fall for everything. Wise UP!

The “system” keeps humanity in constant confusion.
Jack (Johnny Depp) says: “Why are these things not clear?”
What I have personally been saying is …
Please give it to me straight because I am tired of it being given in riddles.

Remember, you are the Captains of your water/body/vessel/ships.
Rocking the ship, symbolically in my view, means to wipe the slate clean.
The photographic plate/slate in your brain holding the interference patterns of belief.
All probabilities to-ing and fro-ing, just waiting for you to choose, to decide.
Take out the trash and Free Your Mind.

How far down the rabbit hole do you wish to go?
How much more can humanity be made to believe?
Stop following the Pied Piper.

The control that is upon this plane(t) and all its inhabitants
Is only alive when one pays attention to its projections.
Let go of everything … remove fear and free your mind.
All hates, judgements, arguments, fighting, grudges etc ..
When you let go you free yourself and help free the world.
Right here and right now is all that matters.
All that remains is where you make your final stand.

No matter what colour your skin, No matter what you believe,
The common thread that connects us all is simply the ‘god particle’ of creation.
Wear your god well. Time to come together.
Never shall we die, it is inate to forever live.

Cosmic law dictates that the Knock of the Spirit cannot be sounded
Until man is convinced that he has his back to the wall
And that the sword is dangling overhead,
For human nature is such that unless man is desperate,
He will not risk everything on an impulsive decision taken in the moment.
The decision to follow the Spirit, the Eagle
Must be completely spontaneous and unconditional
For this is the way in which power has set it up.
When the moment comes, there can be no arguing or hesitation.

Stand for a world without war. I have no enemy. Enemies are created to divide and rule.
Raise your colours with hearts open wide having no fear.
It is time to Hoist The Colours Within. Peacefully. The World will not change unless you do.
Change your inner world and your outer world will reflect in kind.

Thank you for venturing over to this site. My wish is it inspires.
To do something about the world we all share.
And that it makes a difference in yours.

Much Love, Pamela
Forever Dancing

The “World” is my Family
“Life” is my partner.
“Peace” is my focus.

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