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When I found out that there was in-fighting with some of the Native peoples
During this wonderful time of Awakening and Coming Together for Peace
Speaking about it through their own prophecies

I wrote this:

Within the tribes money has been a bribe
And some have been sold the lie
Taken the bait and broken the promises
It is time to unravel the mess
Come together, look one another in the eye
Forgive and let go, let’s walk in peace and know
Like the Eagle and the Condor in the sky
May it be so.
Let go of the past, release fear, forgive and may everyone know this …
What ‘one’ does, ‘one’ will reap the rewards of his actions by the highest of high.
When ‘one’ removes temptation of a weakness within the programme of life
This is when we will together fly
Like the Condor and the Eagle in the sky
Like the dolphins in the sea swimming free
Spread the love like wildfire.

After six months living in Egypt swimming with wild dolphins
It was time to go.
One heart cannot take what it felt like for me to say goodbye.
Here I am after swimming naked all alone
With 100 wild dolphins for two hours
Saying … “until next time”.

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