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The World is my Family, Peace is my Focus

Posted in: Photo Gallery Egypt by Pamela on December 10, 2008

The things some people do, I might with not agree.
Distractions pulling my heart strings.
Where do I begin?
It is true love in the end.
That will set us free.

Hossam & Mahmoud, I love you.
Photo of my Breath’ren in Egypt: © pamela leigh richards

Siwa, Egypt. The largest sand dunes in the world. Camped out for 4 days. It was a’right cold!
A Film of the journey surrounding this trip to Egypt is forthcoming.

Taken off the coast of the Red Sea in Egypt in 2007.
I am so tired of all the hiding. I am so tired of all the lying, the deceipts and deceptions.
I wish for transparency and truth.

It took 5 hours to climb to the top of Red Mountain(?) here. Very, very high!
Its perch has a 360 degree view of the amazing Arabian Deserts nestled in the arms of Egypt,
which, were formed some 8 billion years ago (so they say). The Red Sea is off in the distance to my left.
You could almost say we touched outer space from these heights 😉 It was contageous.
My friend Petra from Germany, and Karen from Holland were with me. Thank you ladies!

Interesting? I just read something this morning, am adding it and sharing. (April 2011).

“This issue about truth was taken to such an extreme that they were not even allowed to wear clothes, because wearing clothes was hiding, and that was a form of lying. No one was allowed to wear clothes during the Eighteenth Dynasty except for ceremonial and other special purposes. The neter Maat [gods at certain levels of consciousness] has a feather on top of her head and became one of the most important neters because of her name, which translates as truth or truthfulness. She was the important issue in everything.

Everything was to be absolutely truthful and there were to be no distortions, no lies, so that everything could get back into focus. This was an important part of Akhenaten’s teachings.”
“The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life by Drunvalo Melchizedek”

She embodied the seat of truth, balance and order of the cyclic nature of Life.
Her name also means “that which is straight”. Implying anything that is true and balanced.
The symbol of truth was the feather. It was the essence of proper behaviour in Lightness.
And a persons Heart should not weigh more than a feather on the scale in the Divine Court.

And I find it further fascinating as yesterday, synchronistically,
Found this beautiful white fluffy feather in my garden.
It was a ‘feeling’ I had as if directed to see it? Can’t explain it.
It’s what it was and simply sharing. Put it in the hand of my Buddha.

This was my home in Egypt for six months (2007/2008) while swimming with wild dolphins.
While Dancing on the Beach for peace.

Beautiful Mohamed Hossam. Going back to Nature. Yes. Thank You.

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