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She Sees

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 09, 2022


“Sometimes we blossom 

with tears in our eyes,

It’s simply an expression

Of the beauty of life.”

~ plr


Truth first
then love,
One is just
loving the lies.


There is no death,

energy can’t be destroyed,

only transformed.


“There is no safety

in unlimited technological hubris”

~ McGeorge Bundy



Enough is Enough

There is power everywhere,

waiting to be tapped in the field,

and we humans are

playing a big part

in making the difference.

I don’t know everything,

but I know something.


Peace is Eye~See


“Unjust laws exist;
shall we be content to obey them,
or shall we endeavor to amend them,
and obey them until we have succeeded,
or shall we transgress them at once?

~ Henry David Thoreau


One honest voice,

can be louder

than a crowd.


Our human species,

for some reason

must familiarize ourselves,

with an unfamiliar world.

And I’m not talking about familiarizing

with the world we entered in 2020,

I’m talking about familiarizing ourselves

with that nature which is innate

that we have been kept from,

now emerging for everyone.



The Real Anthony Fauci MOVIE!

Above is a link. Click it.

It was NEVER a pandemic.

It was a calculated,




Enough Said!

Above is a link. Click it.


EXCERPTS from Dr. Martins video above.


“Only a fool rallies an army before an army is equipped.
If the army isn’t equipped they die.
And the vision dies with them.


And if you identify as anything
I invite you to leave right now
because I’ll probably offend you.


And when it comes to fighting ..
if I have to take that hill alone I will take the hill.


“If we are all going to stand together
we must stand together .. informed.”


“We amplify the energy of the enemy
by keeping them anonymous.”


Time to talk about things
that don’t want to be talked about.


Dr. David Martin now speaks on the image above.
Powerful & kinda NAILS the Admission.


“This is actually published
in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.
You know, it’s one thing when you say a dumb thing ..
but how many people have been dumb enough
to say a dumb thing and write it down?


Well, I do know this ~
if you’re dumb enough to say it,
and dumb enough to write it down,
I would NEVER be dumb enough to publish it
in the proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences,
particularly when you consider the fact
that in 2011, 2012 the world health organization
had said that Sars Corona Virus was an eradicated disease.


So why would we need in 2015 a vaccine for a disease
that had been declared eradicated?
Why would we need that?


We needed it because this was not about a disease,
this was not about a pathogen.
It was about a biological weapon called a spike protein
that was trying to take down the lives and the livelihoods
and the dynamic life forms called humans.
THAT’S WHY it in fact was done.


And every single one of us looking at this
comes back and scratches our heads and say:
‘how could somebody be that nefarious?’


Well, let’s review a litle bit of psychology, shall we?
Have you ever heard of a serial killer?
Like a real sociopathic serial killer ..
the ones that carve their initials into peoples bodies
or leaves a trinket at the murder site?


There are people who actually celebrate
the fact that they can harm and maim and kill people
and leave a totem or a talisman
to actually flaunt the fact they are doing it.


[There is a German term for this:
= feeling malicious joy,
or gloating from another’s misfortune.]


So why did Peter Daszak say this:
“… we need to increase public understanding
of the need for MCMs [Medical Counter Measures]
such as a pan-influenza or pan-coronavirus vaccine. 
A key driver is the media,
and the economics follow the hype.
We need to use that hype to our advantage
to get to the real issues.
Investors will respond
if they see profit at the end of process,
Daszak stated.”


Well, according to the most reliable evidence of his genealogy
does anyone want to comment on the fact that
Peter Daszak’s father reportedly, is actually a member of the SS.


And isn’t it funny that the pathogen that he created &
sent over to a German biotech company called BioNTech
was the thing that was first injected into the state of Israel.


You know I’ve heard of bad marketing and branding campaigns ..
that one feels really bad to me … can you believe this?
A German BioTech Company using a pathogen
formed by the son of an SS Officer
was first injected into the entire population
of the state of Israel?


By the way I’m not supposed to say that out loud
because that’s apparently some sort of anti-something statement.
It’s not. It’s one of those ‘duh’ moments
where you say it out loud and you go
’that sounds bad when you say it’.
Well YEAH you know why?
Because IT IS BAD! That’s why it sounds bad.


And we the people, KNOW THAT HE SAID IT,
and rather than standing and calling our
public officials to account for this ~
WE actually let them get away with it by doing nothing.


For who?
Alex Azar, Departement of Health and Human Services
Anthony Fauci, Director NIAID
Ralph Bareck, UNC Chapel Hill
Peter Daszak, Eco Health Alliance


Four Felons who have HIJACKED THIS COUNTRY
while we sat by and did nothing.


You know back in the Revolution
we had things called ‘Intolerable Acts’..


I’ll tell you a little secret that they don’t want me to tell you ..
Because It turns out that in the
Emergency Use Authorization of the injections,
the liability limit which actually shields manufacturers from liability,
acts of felony’s perpetrated by
federal government agents or employees.
So it turns out that if you hold them accountable …
guess who goes bye bye?


Let’s hold everyone accountable!




We fall for the illusion of first separation.
When we’re told to separate we do [I don’t]
That’s it, just STOP IT.


When a government official says not to meet,
invite friends over and have a barbecue
and put more people together.
Do everything you can to defy separation
because separation is the first wedge into which evil goes.
Don’t let it happen, just say no.


If you want to take a system down, produce a wobble.
Let’s kill off the things that are corrupting the world.
Change the battlefield, hit em’ where it hurts.
The first snake that gets its head cut off
is the pharmaceutical companies.
Cut the head off the snake!


Repentance = the action of sincere regret or remorse.
Change direction.
Remember your essence.”




T.N.C. A Human Ally 

Above is a link. Click it.


“Did you know that

Dr. Fauci’s wife,

Christine Brady,

is the head of BioEthics for the

US National Institute of Health,

the NIH?”

“We have a top ranking German regulator
admitting that mRNA treatments need
a 5 to 10 year trial period to prove
that they are safe.”


The Godtrix Against the Matrix

Above is a link. Click it.

Excerpt of Godtrix above 

Above is a link. Click it.

Viewer Discretion


Aaron Russo Reflections & Warnings

Above is a link. Click it.

You will see and read the world

as it really is

after listening to this interview

with Aaron and Alex.

This was from long ago

and rings true today.


“The thing is we have one advantage.

They need us to cooperate.

See if we don’t cooperate with them,

They can’t win.”

~ Aaron Russo



“The Minds of Men” Documentary

Above is a link. Click it.


15:36 minutes of .. Brain Enhancement

Above is a link. Click it.


Dear Wolfgang – A Documentary

Above is a link. Click it.


Technocratic Huckster

Above is a link. Click it.


6:44 minutes of .. Is Elon Musk?

Above is a link. Click it.


4:09 minutes of .. The Real Elon Musk

Above is a link. Click it.


Brainwashed – Tom McDonald

Above is a link. Click it.



Photo by Marc-Olivier Jodoin


“We need to strip away the many layers

of the onion of consciousness

and remove external influence.

But to become bitter, cynical

and downright hateful

is never a good position to be in.

There IS something more to this world

than negativity and control.

The more inner exploration we do,

the more real we become.

All this stripping away

is incredibly liberating,

but also scary at times.

We must try not to lose hope.

Because now we have the chance

for balance and an innerstanding

of what needs to be done.

From this place we will then know

that the only real thing left

is our soul, our spirit, our essence.

No guides, no safety net, no hopium, no nothing.

Just you and I grounded in [knowing]

for the present moment and for the future.”

~ William Emmerson



4:01 minutes of Leaders?

Above is a link. Click it.


Looking at our North Star

Above is a link. Click it.



“The pain that made you

the odd one out,

is the story that

connects you to a

healing world.”

~ Tanya Markul


“You don’t have to know everything

To TRY something.”

~ plr




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