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Setting the Table

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 02, 2022


Lifting the Veil

to See how to Sail,

in the Ocean of Life

Unbound and FREE! 


“There is no greater agony

than bearing an untold story

within you.”

~ Maya Angelou


“The human species must become,


come alive on host planet,

body Earth.”



Truth + Transparency = Trust


3:52 minutes of .. Lunacy

Above is a link. Click it.


“It is easier to fool people

than it is to convince them

they’ve been fooled.”

~ Mark Twin


“Laughter is good medicine
truth dissolves fears.”
~ plr 2010


“Ignorance is humanity’s
greatest enemy.”
~ plr


“I’m habitually tired,
of walking through this life with lies.
Aren’t you too?, said the foot to the shoe.”
~ plr


“Once you reveal your true self,
NoOne will be able to destroy your character.”
~ Liara Covert


“When the debate is lost,
slander becomes the tool
of the losers.”
~ Socrates


“There comes a point
where you have to
make up your MIND”


“The devils in the detail,

stop following the wobble.”



We Will Not Be Centralized!

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“..and if you go to 

the BIS website, 

and you READ literally 

all their governing documents, 

it will astonish you, 

the extent to which 

they enjoy immunity from 

national government laws. 

They have become a 

Parallel Universe 

 unto themselves.”


“.. where this is headed 

is so ridiculous 

and so dark 

it needs to be 

dialed back 



“.. the structure 

of the system is, 

they have a back door 

into everything 

we as taxpayers 

put money into. 

And either we shut 

that back door, 

and start to get 

our money back, 

or there are 

no solutions.” 

[It has never been ‘our’ money though]


{Polly Tommey says:}

“ .. because if we 

don’t stand firm now, 

look at your grandchildren, 

look at your children ..  


{Catherine continues}

“No, no, I’m going 

to stop you Polly. 

You won’t be able 

to look at them, 

because they will

have taken them. 


“If they can put 

a chip in your hand 

and implement a 

financial transaction 

control grid ..

It’s not just 

that they can 

mandate a vaccine, 

or cut you off from food, 

They can, and will, 

take your children. 


“When people say 

I have nothing to hide? 

Yes you do, 

you have your children to hide. 

I’m serious about this. 


If you look at the people 

who are running 

this operation 

they are slavers. 

They practice slavery, 

they believe in slavery  

slavery is the single 

most profitable business 

ever to date 

in the history of man 

on the planet. 


They will take your children. 

Not from everybody, 

but I assure you, 

this fight is for all the marbles. 



These guys can print money, 

they don’t need your money. 


They want your land, 

they want your gold 

and they want your kids. 

Those are the 

real assets they’re after. 


“It’s so important

to turn the boat

before we hit the iceberg.”


We have to get 

a little bit frightened 

so we realize .. okay, 

it’s time to turn the ship.”

~ Catherine Austin Fitts


Missing Money?

Above is a link. Click it.

Excerpt from link above:

“What’s going on?

Where is the money?

How could this happen?

How much has really gone missing?

What would happen

if a corporation

failed to pass an audit

like this? Or a taxpayer?

This means the Fed

and their member banks

are transacting

government money

outside the law.”


EO 14067

Above is a link. Click it.


Do NOT Comply

Above is a link. Click it.



Reversing the Narrative.

I call it a …



Knowledge or information 

based on real occurrences.

IST = 

Denoting an agent.

One who does or makes. 


The CIA  coined the term

“Conspiracy Theory” in 1964.

In order to re-direct the public,

and shame anyone who was


the Kennedy assassination.



An Encouraging Romp

Above is a link. Click it.


But it does mean that

we can and will make it through

these trying times.

And the quicker that we wake up

and realize the power

to change the world for the better

is in our hands—not in the hands

of the would-be world controllers—

the sooner this nightmare will end.


“You can never make a mistake,

only make the next best step.”

~ plr


The oldest and strongest

emotion of mankind is fear,

and the oldest and strongest kind of fear

is fear of the unknown,”

~ H.P. Lovecraft


AND BELIEF is just a habit

that is sometimes hard to break.

It is called Mind Control,

In a simulated world.


“When you face your fears,

the demons disappear.”

~ plr


When we turned the corner into 2020,

I said with a passionate heart

that could see what was unfolding,

before our eyes at lightning speed,

“Do not ever get used to

twenty twenty.”

~ plr



Above is a link. Click it.



Above is a link. Click it.


What David is saying here

is very much in line with

what my personal experiences

and views have always been, yet,

had no words to decipher it?

For what reason does not matter,

it is happening.

And this knowledge

is surfacing for all to see.

David is a word man

and does a brilliant delivery

of something that might

seem so complex,

made simple.

Thank you.


From the Beginning NO WAY I said. 

Above is a link. Click it.


I am not an expert,

but have learned a bit

on body language.

Watching this video above,

with Elton John and Michael Caine?

How much more can humans

be made to believe (be-lie-ve)



A vision came to mind today,

and felt to share.

I was reminded of

The boiling frog experiment.


“As to what is


comes further to our

collective surface to see?


what is happening  becomes.

And people begin to agitate,

as the water boils unknowingly,

to most.

Right now I say,

Get out before the water boils.


Remove the ones,

and that which is bringing

the water to a boil.


Nature can be FREE in its

state of being,

if unhindered by pressure,

Benevolently & Naturally.


If there is a cancer in the host body,

That host body being an individual,

or our host body Planet Earth?

Remove the cancer swiftly,

with every means necessary.

There are healing modalities

already existing,

to create abundant  healthy life,

and make Earth a paradise.”




I wrote the poem below instantaneously

as if writing a letter.

The words poured onto paper

without thinking.

Isn’t life so utterly magnificent,

and so nice to know,

we are not alone.


“May we learn to live
without regrets. 
To live with Peace
in Understandings.
To behave in
rightful manners.
To look in the mirror
and reflect.
To see ourselves as we are,
Growing, dissolving,
accepting, re-emerging,
As fully potentized
realized beings. 
To admit face to face
where we went off balance.
To see that the journey was …
I AM that I AM.” 
~ plr 2010


I have been on a journey

that is showing me so much.

It is beautiful really.

Not always been easy.

Like the part of me that was insecure,

growing up hidden within a vessel,

unclear, afraid, and

never wanted to come out.

Well, that precious part

has broken through.


“Whatever is written in stone,

can be broken.”

~ plr


I want to share

the backstory

to this quote I wrote,

by Robert Dana Richards

in the image above,

that came from beyond.


You see, he was my younger brother. He was murdered October 1984, he was 23, I was 24. It was a devastation that took five years of my life to make it through. I describe it as standing on the side of a turbulent stream and on the other side was total PEACE. Sometimes I had one foot on the rock and one in the water, but I made it. Took five years but I landed, Wow. Looking back it is so surreal why I am still alive?

Fourteen years later, I was heading to Cancun, March 1998. Before I left for Cancun though? My mother and I kinda got into arguing about the ring. You see, I asked her if I could take the ring my brother was wearing when he died ~ with me. She had it in her safe.

I wanted to see if having it with me in what I thought was a place where different energies were, and maybe he would connect with me ~ his spirit would come through or something would happen?

Mom and I were both crying and … eventually she gave it to me.

I knew it was hard for her too, because it was, in her mind and heart, precious because it was HIS. When you lose someone so near and dear you want everything you can that was theirs, at least that is what my experience was when losing someone so close that you love. It was torture, the grief.

So there I was in Cancun fourteen years later, standing in front of the bathroom mirror in my hotel room, looking at this ring I wore on a gold chain necklace.  It was as if time stood still.  Without a thought, my right hand lifted this ring up as I watched myself in the mirror doing it.  And AS CLEAR AS DAY, his voice came in from the left side of my head  at about 10 o’clock, and I knew it was him, like a thumbprint, you just KNOW ~ he said: “Get rid of it, it’s not me anymore, Get Rid of it, It’s not me anymore.”

I turned my head left in the direction of his voice, a bit taken aback. It’s not easy to explain how I felt the moment I heard this, but I was not surprised, more elated, as I paused for a brief moment absorbing what just happened.

Then turned to face the mirror again, while still holding the ring in my right hand, thought this: “Okay, I’m going to resize it and wear it on my finger”.  I began to slowly slide the ring onto my left pointer finger, and when it got to the second knuckle?  Again! As Clear as Day, his voice came in repeating: “Get rid of it, it’s not me anymore, Get Rid of it, It’s not me anymore.”

It was so profound that when I arrived home, I walked into the kitchen where my mother was standing and handed her the ring … and said: “I don’t need this anymore.”

She put it back in her safe.

We are so not alone friends, and I KNOW we do not die, we transition. To who knows where? Only ONE will know when ONE gets there. It truly is a PERSONAL JOURNEY. And life carries on and on and on in the mystery of it all. PEACE, TRUTH, & coherency is all she desires.


Rhythm. Frequency. Balance.
Natural. Coherency.
In March 2010 I participated in the:
“Twelve Seconds for Peace Project”
And submitted this clip.
I was healing from a TBI
(Traumatic Brain Injury).
When I woke up in hospital,
I was seeing the world
with new eyes as I called it,
from the holographic perspective.
“Feeling” life not “thinking” it.
Operating from my heart not my head.
Empty mind. So freeing.
It is why I call it: “The Gift of A Fall”.
Because it is what got me through
many things.
The most beautiful thing
I have ever experienced.
Bliss is real.
I was one of the lucky ones,
for thank goodness
I did not lose motor skills.
I lost memory though, but not all.
Some of the books
in the library of my mind burned,
neurons not firing,
but I did not miss anything.
The chatter never really mattered.
And I woke up with a
wonderful sense of humor.
Thank God for the God of Giggle!
The SCENE HERE: I love lightning!
So during the monsoons
I would go into my magic garden
as I so very much loved to do.
And stood under this
amazing thunderstorm.
Set up my camera on a tripod
capturing whatever happened.
I was still trying to maintain balance
because I would lose it at times.
So what happened here
was simply me relaxing
and going with the ease of flow.
What you hear
is unedited in each frame.
When I opened my arms wide
and let my head fall back looking up,
the thunder appeared instantly like music,
right above my head, like,
You could not have scripted this ~
it was nature at its finest and I adored it.
I always said when the lightning struck …
you missed your mark, I am over here!


“What one needs in this universe
is not certainty
but the courage and nerve
of the gambler;
not fixed conviction
but adaptability;
not firm ground
whereupon to stand
but skill in swimming.”
~Alan Watts


The Media Matrix

Above is a link. Click it.


The Electric Pine Cone

Above is a link. Click it.


“ .. I had an experience. 

I can’t prove it. 

I can’t even explain it, 

but everything that I know 

as a human being, 

everything that I AM, 

tells me that it was real. 

I was given something wonderful.

Something that changed me forever. 

A vision of the Universe

that tells us undeniably 

how tiny and insignificant, 

and how rare and precious

we all are.

A vision that tells us, 

that we belong to something 

that is greater than ourselves. 

That we are NOT, 

that none of us are alone.

I wish I could share that.

I wish that everyone,

that if even for one moment, 

could feel that AWE 

and humility, 

and the hope, but .. 

That continues to be my wish.”

~ Ellie (Contact the movie) 


” May the space where I AM

Inspire the journey

in between the places

to where I AM going.

On the path of life

may we shine

our light together,

coherently, benevolently,

someway, somehow,

forever and ever.”

~ plr 


Mercola & Edward

Above is a link. Click it.


“The whole medical system

unfortunately is incentivised

to make money and profits.

It’s been going on for years.

And here’s something

a lot of people don’t know

if you’re not on Wall Street.


There was this company ..

either Gilead or ..

I don’t know which one it was,

but they came up with a drug

that cured Hep C,

Hepatitis C, cured it!


Now, let’s talk about

what happened.


The stock took off

but then quickly

people realized well,

there’s only 80,000 people

in the U.S. with Hep C,

they’ll cure it.


Oh this drug cures it?

It doesn’t address the symptoms

where we can have a cash flow

for the life of the patient?


Uh the stock didn’t like that.


And so Goldman Sachs

and a couple of other

research houses wrote,

that as a business model

it’s better to treat the symptom

than cure it.

Because you get

a sustainable cash flow.


There you go!


I mean that was written down

on Wall Street in a report.


I don’t think they knew

what they were saying

they were just analyzing it

and just said it.

That’s the model.


What we are looking at

is a whole system designed

to treat symptoms

rather than cure something ~

this is what Western medicine

has become.”

~ Edward Dowd (Hedge Fund Guru)



The Table is Tilted

Above is a link. Click it.


Where’s Your Ribbon? 

Above is a link. Click it.


Reality is Finally Surfacing!  

Above is a link. Click it.

“Faith is the surrender 

of the mind, 

the surrender of reason, 

it’s the surrender 

of the only thing 

that makes us different 

from other mammals. 

It’s our need to believe. 

And to surrender 

our skepticism 

and our reason 

our yearning, 

to discard that,

and put all our trust 

or faith in someone, 

or something?

That is the sinister thing to me.” 


“Of all the virtues 

and all the supposed virtues, 

faith must be the most overrated.”


“Mother Teresa 

wasn’t a friend of the poor, 

she was a friend of poverty.

It must be the most

successful emotional con-job

of the 20th century.”


Take the risk of thinking for yourself; 

much more truth, 

happiness, beauty, 

and wisdom will come to you.”

~ Christopher Hitchens. 




This film represents

what I felt when I experienced this,

as we all turned the corner into 2020.




When you know something is wrong,

speak out about it.

Truth rarely makes sense,

when key components

are omitted.


“Do not cover truths with secrets unseen. 

They do more harm hidden

than in the open revealing.” 

~ plr 2010


If  Love is not Forever,

then what is Forever For?



PART 1 Shoah 1985

PART 2 Shoah 1985

Above  are links. Click it.

The above two Documentary Films
are hard to watch but we must.
In order to see
what happened back then,
that never left,
only moved underground,
around the world.
Now trying to metastasize
upon this Earth.
Gestapo tactics.
But some giant steps
have already been taken.
Knowledge Is power
unafraid to look at it,
and do something about it.


“We just don’t need

the vast majority of the population

because the future is about

developing more and more

sophisticated technology

like artificial intelligence,”

 ~ Yuval Noah Harari,  WEF Advisor


As I said from

the beginning

of 2020

“Never lose your humanity”


Vera Sharav Nuremberg Speech 2022

Above is a link. Click it.

Vera Sharav, Holocaust survivor and human rights advocate, speaks first at the 75th Anniversary Event of the Nuremberg Code in Nuremberg, Germany, on August 20, 2022. It was almost 75 years ago that the city of Nuremberg was the place of a historic declaration. When the judges of the military tribunal against leading medical officers in the Nazi administration passed their verdict, they issued what would become known as the Nuremberg Code.


Mary Holland Nuremberg Speech 2022

Above is a link. Click it.

Mary Holland,

President & General Counsel

for Children’s Health Defense,

speaks at the 75th Anniversary Event

of the Nuremberg Code

in Nuremberg, Germany,

on August 20, 2022.


10:15 minutes of .. THE WHITE ROSE

Above is a link. Click it.



The words on the Rock of the Dome say:

“Let our fate be a warning to you.”

Edith P. Testimony


The Forum Preview



It’s Genocide Going On

Above is a link. Click it.

A Little Explaining Why?

Above is a link. Click it.



Excerpt from this film:

“The grunts are dying at a level

acceptable for both

the American military

and the American public.

Another 65 this week,

about the same next week,

and the next, and the next.

Until the very last American division,

combat division is withdrawn.

And so far all the words

from Washington …


have gone home.

“The war isn’t over, but it is ending.

It is ending not because

of the ‘Paris Talks’

or the demonstrations at home.

It is ending because the largest

and wealthiest and most powerful

organization on Earth,

The American Army,

is being challenged from within.


“From the very cellars of its pyramid,

from the most forgotten,

the most brutalized,

and certainly

the bravest of its members.


“The war is ending because

the Grunt is taking no more bullshit.


Q: What happens to an

unpopular Officer out in the field?


A: Mostly an unpopular Officer,

from what I heard,

if they mess with a Grunt too much,

they get shot …

A friend of mine,

a Captain,

kinda got shot in the back.


Q: Why? What was he doing,

what was the Captain doing?


A: .. from what my friend said

he was telling them

to just go on through and well,

they were getting  hit pretty bad,

and he was telling them,

to just keep on going.

They said: ‘no’,

and he … kinda got shot.”


Being the daughter

of an Air Force Fighter Pilot Officer,

and being born at

Luke Air Force Base, Arizona,

and growing up on

military bases in Europe,

in my opinion,

with our world today,

it is imperative

to go after the Generals,

and not biting

at the ankles of the picket lines.


I used to say to my father:

“Fly for the Love of It, Not the Fight”.


But when push comes to shove,

and globally we are ALL being shoved,

mercy has left the building.


We need a HUMAN ARMY,

those who have been trained,

skilled, and strategic,

operating in a very

coordinated manner,

just like they do in the military,

in order to Reverse the Narrative.

Take over the airwaves

from every nodal point possible,

in order to break the spell.

Snap out of it people.


Heartbeat for PEACE

no matter what it takes

to get there … FINALLY.


Sometimes bringing an end to war

means taking your trained skills,

be strategic, stealth, and organized,

take off your uniform,

turn those birds around

and come hOMEe,

and do a 180 on the Brass,

who are calling for war.

It’s all been a lie.


NVR4GT = Never Forget




Dr Judy Tells it LIKE IT IS! 

Above is a link. Click it.


Excerpt from above Dr Judy

“ … although the data was very clear,

so I was taught their lies,

their damn lies and statistics,

I show all the data in a paper,

and that honestly is what saves our lives. 


So where we’re grey in 2022

is things like Project Veritas,

Plandemic [the Documentary],

thank God for Mikki Willis,

and David Martin,

people who come from

different perspectives,

different trainings.. see the data,

you can’t refute DATA! 


Not one word of my books is my opinion..

they are fact.

We have a references..

we have published papers

for every single thing in those books. 

That’s how the sausage is made,

and how the game was played..

so the good news about 2022

is they can’t silence us any longer. 

I learned silence equals death,

Because not only are we called

not to participate in people

engaged in darkness like Tony Fauci,

but we’re called to

shout it from the rooftop. 

And that’s how I was trained.

The DATA speaks VOLUMES. 



“Because if scholars

honor their obligation

in an age of corruption ~

then there is no censorship

because the data doesn’t lie,

and science is supposed to

be independent of opinion.”

~ Dr. Judy Mikovits




We are so not alone my friends.

I just found this episode,

while driving up North today,

and felt to share it.

I really like this team that J.B has.

Funny, real, down to Earth,

and open minded. Cool.



”They” create the PROBLEM,

Glean the REACTION from the public,

then offer the SOLUTION

to the problem “they” created.




I post this by Joe Dispensza

because of the valuable information,

he imparts in it.

Interesting because upon listening?

I remember back in 2010,

when I had a NDE (near death experience)

involving Brain surgery (TBI),

I woke up seeing with what I call

“New Eyes”.

I also noticed the connection

between my heart and brain.

I knew that I could not just ‘think’

about something of desire,

but that my heart

had to be in sync

with my brain to be true.

They had to be intentionally coherent.

Because when my heart and brain

were in sync  ..

Basically I was ‘thinking’ and ‘feeling’

in unison coherently,

which is when what I call:



Emotional Manifestation.

I could see it as a triangulation.

Brain / Heart / Manifestation


“We’re just people trying to live our lives….

we gotta tell our stories.”

~ jim breuer


Here is what Jim is talking about

in the video above with Dan.

I posted it on this blog

July 2nd & sharing again,

it’s that good!

“Somebody Had To Say It!” 

Above is a link. Click it.



Conversations With A Working Man

Above is a link. Click it.


Those who love PEACE

must organize as effectively,

as those who want war.



“In the night..

I can see the glow..

There’s a fire..

and we’re choosing how we see it

enemy, or set us free..

we can let the changes take us..

phoenix fly up from the ashes…”

~ Ayla Nereo



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