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2022 Summers First Step

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on June 13, 2022

When you take that first step

out of a comfort zone,

you discover there

is more to you,

there is more

to every


“Say what you were ever afraid to say.
Listen, when you did not think you ever would.
Slow down your breathing before ever speaking.
Love the very thing you felt your heart never could.
Look where thine eyes feared to seek.
And in the end, merging into New Beginnings.
This shall be a mighty fine relief.”

~plr 2010


When you are in a space
of remembering
who you really are,
you cannot help
but add that
to the collective
of humanity.
And the more people
that are out there
who are seeking
something better,
something different,
the more you answer the call.
~ Arcturian 9D counsel
“When a stupid man
is doing something
he is ashamed of,
he always declares
that it is his duty.”
(George Bernard Shaw, Irish playwright, 1856-1950)


Whatever it is, if it makes sense?

If it sounds good,

if your heart vibrates,

if your mind is in tune

the resonance is coherent,

go with the flow of know.



“It is no great accomplishment

to hear a voice in the head.

The accomplishment,

is to make sure

it is telling

the truth.”

~ Terrence McKenna



The above dolphin images, 2007

Screen shots of my films.

Now this was a surreal experience.
I was alone,
and so was this beautiful
large bottlenose dolphin
in the Red Sea, Egypt,
near Elphinstone Reef.
The zodiac driver took me out
as we saw this lone traveller
it so seemed?
I asked to get in the water
and did so
ever so gently
and briefly,
for it was a vast Sea
and she was moving swiftly.
Yet, a moment
was all that was necessary
to capture a glimpse
of her journey.
I thank thee lovely lady of the Sea.
In the Ocean of Tranquility.


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