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2022 Calling It Out

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on February 16, 2022

No ‘thing’ to hide.



Truth is only a conspiracy in a world of lies.

You cannot reason with an irrational mind. 

Time for talk and half measures are over.



Above is a link. Click it.



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37 Minutes of …  EVIDENCE

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Judy Mikovits, Ph.D. Explains It! 

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“The Real Tony Fauci” Ep:20 Q&A 

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Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb??

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Excerpts from NAME THEM!:

“And the problem is, 

we are at War.

And the crime is so egregious.”


“.. because if we are going

to turn this around

we need to stop lying 

about genetics 

and start telling the truth 

about the fact 

that when we were told 

we were wonderfully made, 

THAT was actually an instruction 

to connect to our purpose, 

not to be divisible from it.”


“Slow down to the 

speed of consciousness.”


“The problem is, 

we are living in a time,

where we do not have

representative government. 

We have complicit corruption.

And we need to,

call it what it is,

and change it!”

~ Dr. David Martin


This clip from the film “They Live” (1988), 

reminds me of Klaus Schwab speaking at,

the W.E.F., Davos, Switzerland. 


“We energize the forces of darkness,

when we anonymize them.”

~ Dr. David Martin

We are living in unprecedented times of change.

We are in a World of War, no doubting that. 

Extreme measures are being taken to conceal the truth. 

Humanity has been lied to for eons.

The factual evidence is going Global.

Censorship is not going to stop 

and neither is truth telling. 

 Strategize, organize, gather and expose. 


A Letter to … Pulling Back the Curtain!

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Above is a link. Click it.

When I heard what Mr. Trudeau  said

in the Compilation Link above?  

What immediately came to mind,

in my opinion,

was what was actually being said.

Read it and replace ‘virus’ with the word ‘humans’. 


“To eliminate this virus anywhere,

we need to eliminate it everywhere.”

~ Justin Trudeau



“ … the rules that govern the laws of the FDA.. inside of.. Code of Regulations, Section 50.23 and 24, there’s a requirement that says that before you conduct any human experimentation you have to have an ‘Ethics Board’ review that experimentation .. must have no financial interest. You cannot have financial interest and hold ethical purity..


“Let’s take it one step further ~ Peter Daszak ~ March of 2015, made the following statement: [At the National Academy of Sciences meeting]  [And Mr. Daszak’ father was an SS officer]


“And just for the record I’m going to read it directly from the quote .. I’ve read this way too many times, but can you read the admission of the felony that’s destroyed human lives too many times? I don’t think you can. 


Until an infectious disease crisis is very real, present, and in emergency threshold, it is often largely ignored. To sustain funding based beyond the crisis, we need to increase the public understanding of the need for medical counter measures such as a pan corona virus vaccine.’


“This is 2015. The World Health Organization had declared this disease irradicated. So can you tell me in what dimension of reality would you build a public understanding for the NEED for a vaccine for a condition that four years earlier had been declared irradicated.


That feels very odd to me. It feels extremely odd and should feel odd to every one of us. Because the public shouldn’t need to have a need for a .. medical counter measure for a ‘thing’ that doesn’t exist! Unless you knew something existed, and you were making it exist. In which case you would know there was a need for it. Let’s go on..


‘A key driver is the media, and the economics will follow the hype.’


“By the way if you are not familiar with … that is an admission of a lifetime felony and a $100 million dollar fine crime. That is called Domestic Terrorism. Anytime you coerce a population into doing a thing they would not otherwise do ~ that is by definition Domestic Terrorism.” 


‘We need to use that hype to our advantage to get to the real issues. Investors will respond if they see profit at the end of the process.’ 


“.. I wish it was as simple as money ~ it is evil ~ this is pure evil ~ there is no justification on ANY moral basis or legal basis … to say we are going to coerce the public into accepting a ‘thing’ by using the media hype. If there is something real, then there’s something real. But if you tell me that you have to have the media hype to get people to accept this thing, then you are already admitting that your moral compass was so uncalibrated that IT IS NOT MORAL. This is actually an admission of pure evil … an admission to genocide.” 

~ Dr. David Martin





“Nature is our greatest ally.”

~ plr 


“A few can only control the many,

when the many are at war with themselves.”

~ David Icke 2005 8.19 Interview Alex, Out of the Box


“There comes a point ~

where your heart and mind don’t collide.

They unite.”

~plr 2010



Acharya S is a dear friend.

Her departure from Earth was an irony unto itself.

What a beautiful heart and mind.

StellarHouse Publishing


“Some humans have been so trained

to defend their prison warders.

Break the spell.”

~ plr 






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