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Effortless Peace

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 31, 2017

“We are shapeshifting every moment into a sacred geometrically aligned intunement,
spinning into a fractal of light encodement for coherency,
forever without question.”

“I’m in awe … simply in awe, of love.
An intense feeling of deep tender and passionate affection for life and living within and without.
A state of being that is nameless.”

“Where you go, there you are.
What are you finding?”

“Truth is so powerful that when presented in its entirety from all sides of view,
It changes the minds of people who see it.” 

“Floating in the knowingness of timelessness.”

“The calmer, the quieter I am, the more I am heard.”

“Peace knows no doubt.”

“My Silent Nobility. Don’t take my silence for granted.”

“When One lets go of “I”, there comes a point of nothingness.
Nothingness, yet, everythingness.
How freeing not to think, floating in the nonsensicalness of living.
Albeit a life thinking coherently, is a life worth living.”

“If we can’t have Peace on the side of ONE?
Contrast is inevitable on the other side of TWO.
And we are all connected?
What causes the difference in the waters flowing freely between the rivers of sides?
The river flows freely dancing in coherency along the rivers edges.
Life is simply a state of mind.”

“Empty the trash,
because what you emptied will never replace what you kNOW.
What you kNOW represents your core being on a peaceful path.
The trash being all the experiences encountered along the way,
that are no longer nurturing your journey.
Flow in the peaceful path of kNOW, it is always okay to let go.”

“Life is a musical mix, create kindness in the rhythm,
flowers growing in the melody, air dancing, Earth energizing,
Sun shining being the harmonic resonance,
of the elaborate song flowing,
that is beyond mortal thinking.”

“Living should never be bought and sold.”

This is how I was seeing the world after the gift of a fall. Thank you Elsbeth van Noppen!

“Even though you don’t see me on video out there under the climate of the arising technological new normal to survive, I’m still a particle with a heartbeat aware of our collective trending life. Love has no separation with no ending, and love has all the time in the world to get it right with patience being her guiding light. Some contribute with speed while others gain momentum with a pace along the path together more slowly, as if passing a baton in a relay race. Encouragement with compassion is a peaceful way to be, all~ways, in line with speaking your truth.”

“Reason does not need explanation because reason wears no doubt.”

“If I die before your sight, would I have been less important than your life?”

“I don’t mince fact.”

“With every new beginning be patient with life,
for when it springs forth it will always say,
here I be with thee in breath,
leaving every sigh behind.”

“Clean Earth, Clean Water, Clean Air, Clean Sky,
Clean Hearts and Minds, changing one at a time through Peace.”

“Do not accept hate, nourish the love in all of life innate.”

“There is something so simple that transcends all happenings.”

“One always exists to what One is plugged into. Everything is a circuit.”
Is = Infinite Source.

“I’m present even if not connected. Be fine with that.”
“Simplicity is like a leaf blowing in the wind without conflict.”

“We are on a living trip.”

“Lack of time is never a waste to get your point across,
for time has all the time in the world,
for you to decide when your time is right.”

“I want to bring an end to the mystery of living.”

“Life is not about dying. It is about living and living again,
releasing all of the past,
not nurturing our forever tomorrows in coherency.”

“How can ONE communicate peace with ONE world,
when ONE world is divided in mind?”

“Focus on not the game.
Focus on the point of resolution.”

“I don’t have to know everything,
to be in resonance with what I do know.

“On the edge is well worth the cost to fly.”

“Love equals respect that is so powerful it erases all hate.”

Breathe Peace.

All quotes and writings: pamela leigh richards 1960 onward. Unless otherwise noted.
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Images: unknown unless stated with humbled respect.
Image: Pamela in her magic garden screen shot from film, 2010
Image: Girl in rain unknown with all due respect.
Image: Finger holding paper Peace is Easy, pamela wrote during recovery from a TBI 2010
Image: Dolphins mountains collage created by Pamela
Image: Message in bottle with pamela quote
Image: Pamela at Shagra, an Eco Village in Egypt.
Image: Girl Dolphin kiss someone created based upon Pamela’s original photo in Bermuda
Image: Pamela Dolphin kiss in Bermuda 1998.
Image: Peace is Easy co-created by Pamela and Ciaran Shaman, an amazing artist!
Image: Pamela under monsoon season thunderstorms screen shot from her films 2010.
Image: Artwork ‘Joy Riders’ by Rassouli
Image: Pamela with autumn leaves at her feet in her glass house

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