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Here we are

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 05, 2015

It just happens.
I was sweeping the walkway under the free falling rain.
Check out the Light spheres dancing through space and time.
Neutrinos, neutrons, atoms, electrons, science, universe, galaxies,
out of mindness, life itself, the very fabric of existence exposed in seconds laughing.


“When you lose something, eventually you always gain something.
Time always figures it out beyond Einstein.”

There is a voice that doesn’t use words. Listen.
~ Rumi

“And natural poets tune in.”

~ plr

“Sometimes you have to follow your heart and not wait for knowledge.”


“Instinct is something that transcends knowledge.”
~ Nikola Tesla

Aristotle quote

Winter Equinox. I was the President of the Ski Club my senior year in high school.
Dragged some teachers into sponsoring ski trips.
Carried my skis, boots and poles onto campus for various reasons,
broke my leg first time on skis,
in Berchtesgaden, Southern Bavaria at the age of eleven.
I was out the whole season,
but grew to have a love for the sport,
and got back on the mountain the following year.
Oh how I love Warren Miller films! The editors are BRILLIANT!

“There is exquisite beauty in being in the flow.
A feeling that surpasses all that you think you know.”


quotes: pamela leigh richards copyright 1960-today, unless otherwise stated.
images: unknown unless stated with gratitude.
image: pamela healing from a traumatic brain injury 2010.
image: lightning screen shot from pamela’s film.
Bumble Bee: Collage image by plr. Thank you to the creative collective ONE’s

Care to travel:
OceanHeart ~ my baby yet to be born.
Dolphins in the Red Sea

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