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Go figure

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on July 25, 2015

Book Light Opening PagesBook Light Opening Pages

“Never let the outside world obscure your inner view.”

Eye Galaxy
Someone once said;
“Being challenged in life is inevitable, but being defeated is optional.”
color rocks 2
I would add that “what appears as ‘defeat’ in another’s eyes,
is accepted relief in yours.”

“There is a bridge …
that carries us all beyond bewilderments into free flight flowing naturally.
Leaving the burdens of thought behind into a knowingness once decided.”

Collage co-created pamela leigh richards and yet unknowns

“Your Compass. Your Guiding LIght. Drop all Thought.”

Pamela dolphin waves

Original image
PamelaDolphinKiss Original 1

Someone apparently took the original image and created this.
No problem as far as I’m concerned. It is lovely.

Pamela quote lighting

quotes: pamela leigh richards copyright 1960-today, unless otherwise stated.
images: unknown unless stated with appreciation
Video at top: Thank you Michael Marantz!!

Care to travel:
OceanHeart ~ my baby yet to be born.
Dolphins in the Red Sea

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