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It’s Here

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 31, 2014

Green garden pathway
“Excuse me. I am going home.”


“I love you so much I must disagree.”

“You cannot pluck a flower,
without disturbing a star.”
~ author unknown

“Welcome to crossing over,
the imaginary line of time.”

“Feel expansion and think nothing about it.”

Image:Marie-Noelle Archambault

“Can You Feel It?
This is extraordinary.
The energy in motion
coming from this image in flight,
causes me to gently pause,
and never want to breathe again.
In love with air.”


“The goal is not to change the subject,
but the subject to change the photographer.”
~ unknown

“In order to solve the problem,
one must snip the thought at its roots.”

“To be inspired is great,
but to inspire others is an honor.”
~ Stacey B. Hunt


“Life is not about winning the race.
it is about finishing it,
to start all over again a different way.”


“If things are going to change,
one has to be willing to let go,
of pretty much everything,
And start all over again.
Strength is knowing what to leave behind,
whilst climbing.”
“The only hope for the world of time,
lies in being constantly drenched,
in that which lies beyond time.”
~ Aldous Huxley


“Dams are broken,
not by the strength of a hammer,
but by the might of vision.”

Quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise noted
Images: unknown with humbled respect and gratitude unless stated.
Image: #2 screen shot collage created by Pamela from public videos.
Image: Seagulls* Marie-Noelle Archambault
Image: Pamela camera London


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