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The Colors of Life

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 13, 2014

amazing-trees-The Rainbow Eucalyptusin Kauai, Hawaiiwhite feathered peacockamazing-trees-The Rainbow Eucalyptusin Kauai, Hawaii
Rainbow Snail pamela quote
“A Sea of You. A Perfect Time For Flying Carpets.
A Perfect Time To Get To Know Life. To Get Out, To Go ‘Within’.
To Turn Your’self’ Inside Out. And do the vastly Different.
Where you Look, There You Are, Your Reality Awaits You.”

“If you help ONE, life was worth living for. Especially your ONE self.
Spread that like wildfire without the burn.”

“If you have a belief, you don’t know who you are.”

“When was god born? Doesn’t that boggle the mind?
Someone wrote it down and there god was *giggling*”

Life existed before babylon. Before language.

“Open the door unafraid of what you will grow.”

“If I was here or not here, what would matter?”

“Loving our way beyond the lines of divide with thoughtless minds.”

Pam Sand Surf Siwa-Egypt
In Siwa, Egypt Camping for four days in the highes

Surfing the Sands of Siwa, Egypt. The highest sand dunes in the world.

“Life is an art. Facing one reality while holding a higher vision of another simultaneously.
Enjoy the ride.”

“I feel cradled in the arms of no~thing so loving.”

“I am more of who I AM, when I don’t think.”

“My tears fall not for the journey and what was endured of it,
they fall for the beauty in the flow of mastering it.
Never be afraid.”

“Can you imagine how many frames were taken that no ONE ever saw?
Keep laughing life in awe.”

“How can there be Peace when there are secrets?”
Turn those friendly birds hOMe. There is no war no more.
“Let us dance in our differences and sing in our expertise coherently.”

“I think the world is on a beautiful high right NOW.
Climb on board the ship of possibilities OUT.”
O = Oh
U = Unimaginable
T = Taught to be imaginable

hummingbird sunflower in colours

Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.
Image: John Kolenberg

“The quiet of space lives in between the happening.”

“When I was a grown up all I wanted to do was go beyond the stars.”

Pamela Sedona quote einstein trees 3

“I can’t be everywhere at once but I can be NOW.
With my brothers and sisters eyes
co-creating a collage I know to be right.”


Quotes & Comments: Pamela Leigh Richards otherwise kindly noted.
Images: unknown unless stated, thank you.
Images:Pamela surfing the sands of Siwa, Egypt.

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