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She Lives Again
3 July 2014

Her world is magical with gratitude. Tis’ the only way she chooses to see it.

Blood sugar was at a critical 21.
Acidosis throughout entire body, malnourished, and dehydrated.

The evening fell quiet at midnight. She went to bed lying on her back having drank the last bit of water at bedside. It wasn’t the thirst that woke her later so much as ~ the right side of her body began to go numb. I could feel the energy vanish from toes moving upward, through arm, further to face leaving the right side of mouth uncontrollable.

If anyone has seen the movie ‘Titanic’? It felt like that scene where the ship was sinking and all lights began to pop off? This is symbolic for all electrical activity was shutting down in Pamela’s vessel, and limbs felt like granite rock. I positively could not move.

I began to hallucinate and was extremely thirsty. All I wanted was water. As this was internally unfolding I picked my phone up from bedside ~ placed it on my left leg pushing buttons with left fingers. Rang my lawyer friend Bill. No answer. I tried to text ’emergency’, however, it came out gobligook. Bill happened to be up writing a brief at this time (1:30am). Saw the text. Rang immediately. Could not understand a word I was saying as half my mouth was not working. All I was trying to get out was ‘water’. He said; “I’ll be over in five”.

My bed at the time was a Tempur-pedic twin mattress on the floor, not very high. When Bill said he would be right over, I hung up and rolled off the bed with the idea of crawling on my left side to the kitchen for water (logic and intent were not in alignment here). I was desperate and literally dying of thirst.

Once I rolled off that was it. She was going nowhere. Right side was like stone and my whole body was shutting down. Talking nonsense and trembling profusely feeling so cold.

Bill was able to enter my glass house due to door unlocked. He brought water! I remember drinking a bottle so fast and he could not understand anything I was saying. 911 was called. In the ambulance she goes and threw up. (Darn all that good water!)

Many tests, x-rays, and cat scans were done at the Emergency Center which was the first stop on this journey. Once they started fluid I.V.’s my trembling began to stop and all systems came back on, on my right side. I could now talk. We did think it might have been a heart attack, yet, it was not.

All results were sent to the hospital I was soon to be arriving at. Once there, I was wheeled in from the ambulance on the gurney into a room, and all I can say is I was so happy to be ‘feeling’ my body again, not trembling, and able to speak.

It didn’t take long before my doctor walked in. Beautiful tall large black South African man. His presence coming around the corner was palpably powerful and resonated assurance I was going to be in great hands. So happy to have him on my side is what I felt immediately. I looked up smiling and said: “I’m a good patient”, and “I heal quickly”. He said: “We’ll see”. This Doctor leaned over the railing of the gurney, paused, and then asked; “So what is going on?” I replied; “Well, you’re the doctor?” All of us had a right chuckle. I knew we were off to a good start.

I learned later that the doctors, four of them on this case, were perplexed due to what the lab results were showing? They thought I was poisoned. Over time my doctor ruled out many things. I could hear him say “Rule Out”, “Rule Out”, “Rule Out”, coming from his chair at the nurses station as my room was in front of it.

At one point when Bill was visiting shortly before I was released, my doctor came in and said he could not understand how I could be so happy? Here he was frantically trying to save her life and I was floating through it all with Pamela’s sense of humor. He has never seen this before. I know, because Pamela is an anomaly of unknown origin *giggling*. Only calming peace and laughter came from my room.

I don’t know how this happens? It just does. The monsoons were coming through (which I love!), and without thought? Went to the window and took this photo from mission control. Keep laughing!

Pamela taking photo from hospital room. Heart Light 1
They had monitors all over my chest, along with this monitor on my finger checking my Heart. I was in such good care.

When I was leaving I asked my doctor if he remembered me saying, “Im a good patient? He smiled, nodding his head: “Yes Pamela, you were a good patient.”

Interesting magical synchronistic life saving points:
Pamela had her phone by bed. (never does but this night it was there.)
Bill was up writing a brief at 1:30am. Caught call. Usually his phone is off.
Door to glass house was unlocked, always it is locked.

If I did not have my phone so close? Pamela would have gone bye, bye.

This was all due to Pamela’s journey and the way she chose to live it. I guess? Experiencing life on the edge, being her own research project and own life’s experiment. She began to drink wine off and on over a period of time. It became too much for her tiny frame and she was not eating enough apparently. Not by choice mind you. It was just what happened while she was working. It creeped up by surprise and very unexpected.

These were my guardian angels watching over saying ‘okay’, now is the time to stop and carry on for you have things to accomplish m’lady.

You see? They have to knock me up the head to get my attention because pammy just wants to fly.

Through tragedy I have come out with more love for life. More compassion.

Watch the drinking everyone. It can crawl in quickly, and harm slowly inside, and before you know it. There you are. And what is even more fascinating for this lady, is my heart was fine, my liver was fine, with nothing serious going on as I came back alive, Ha! This is why I say, please, please, do not compare. What works for one, might not work for another. Simple philosophy? Stay Clean on the journey. It is experienced multi-dimensionally. Keep your handle on it as the Captain of your ship.

I’m not addicted to alcohol, my body apparently had issues with it though.
Time to take care of the amazingly beautiful vessel that carries one through life.
All part of the journey.

Another interesting profoundness is My beloved Aunt Marion left us at 4:00am on the 3rd. This was fascinating!
She is my soul mate and isn’t it ironic that as she left her body, I was leaving mine too?
Yet, I came back at nearly the same time on the very same day she left.
And my former mother in law (dear friend), my daughters grandmother, left us on the 4th.
While I was in hospital for the next 7 days.
They simply got out for good behavior in my view. What a trip.

In the picture below? My imagination sees a connection with the tree offering energy.
If you look at the finger wrap?
It looks like a face looking down, with a red lighted cone coming out of its third eye onto the tree?
Way cool! And the tree looks like it is happy with two arms swinging outwards.
So there it is in this lass’ view. We are all singing.
Pamela taking photo from hospital room. Heart Light 2

Inner Peace pamela quote

Quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated
Images: with all due respect unknown unless stated
Image: Heart Light moi in hospital

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