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Effortless Rising

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on March 19, 2014


Effortless = ‘effort’ + ‘less’ meaning “easy”. Life does not have to happen with force.

“If your words are not true from the core?
I will guarantee, that which does not fit the coherency of this ladies sphere of life and direction,
will be removed off her screen swiftly saying no more.”

“You can try to deny me, yet, you cannot erase me.”

Mermaid Silouhette on Rock Ocean

Climbing unencumbered. It happens externally and internally.
Never judge for the walk is outward and inward.
Allow life to flow naturally in Peace.
It begins with thee.


“We are all soldiers making our rising way home.
Dear friends all over the world, nice to know we are not alone.”

“I might not have been in the war, but I travelled with it.”

“If you miss ‘it’? Let it go because you never needed to know it.”

“How many times can one look at the question,
when the answer is in plain sight without thought?

“In order to understand some of my writings?
One must sit and look her in the eyes.”

elephant sunset splash pamela quote

“There is no enemi (12c) at hOMe in the house you dwell in.”

Girl hugging herself
“Love yourself always, no matter the journey.
For one step left, leaves another to be made.”

Climbing ladder

“No~thing can cover her with false words. If you wish to dance with her?
Sing clearly without the past. Notes rising ON a new octave be’cause’ we can.”
Let’s at least give it a try and see how high we can climb.”

“I’m trusting in life it’self’. What else is there?”

After her fall involving a TBI, she came out seeing with new eyes.
And said among many new insights pouring through?
“I am my own life’s experiment, and my own research project.”

“We cannot speak, unless you climb the ladder with she.”

Girl Fox Mountain View Eragon movie quotes pamela

Pamela quote Foxes Heart Touch 2010

The Dreamer is the Dream Pamela quote 5

Pamela quote Dreams

“If someone compliments the seed they compliment the garden.”


All quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated.
I am so grateful for the collaboration of all artists allowing the sharing.
Images: unknown unless stated with all due respect & grateful for sharing.
Image: Mermaid. Purchased on
Video: Arlo Guthrie: Dedicated to all the fallen Service men & woman, those still serving, and those making their way home. Open Arms here for you all 🙂
Sharing the Travel:
OceanHeart ~ a book being written from a life lived to inspire.
Fly For The Love of It
The Flight of Life
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