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Curiosity Caused the Light

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on March 17, 2014

“Those who wish to be ~ must put aside the alienation ~
get on with the fascination ~ the real relation ~
the underlying theme.”
~ excerpt from Limelight by Rush

For moi, this is in line with removing divisions.
And bringing in Peaceful resolution.
Great editing on the video by the way. Loved it!

quote compassions 2

Quote Cassiopaean Sessions

Pamela quote Girl Green Meadow Calm

Pamela S.A 2006 Pamela quote



“Words are like seeds planting ideas.
I’m going to live my life as I see fit.”

“Call me what you like. I’ll tell you how I AM.”

“How can you take my feelings and put a note to it?
That reflects the song I’m singing?
You cannot because the deepest meaning is beyond form.”

“We are all living the real trip in its many facets as conduits.”

All quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated.
I am so grateful for the collaboration of all artists allowing the sharing.
Images: unknown unless stated with all due respect & grateful for sharing.
Image: Wings and Dog ~ Artist Kim McElroy
Sharing the Travel: OceanHeart ~ a book being written from a life lived to inspire.

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