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A Bird in Hand ~ Timing is everything

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on March 06, 2014

“It is a strange arrangement. Keep smiling with compassion.”

The Present pamela quote
Pamela owl right to decide mirror quote

“Her silence is her university.”

“There is a knowing that transcends ‘thought’.
Stop thinking about it and I assure you, it will go away.”

Pamela quote mushroom golden glow
Bird in hand

“The chatter does not matter. Stay INs~eyed and keep walking toward your goal.”

“I went from here to there and back again. What I learned?
The beauty in life is never ending.”

“Sometimes you are in the bleachers watching the game,
and sometimes you are on the court playing it.”

“There is no mystery. It was all made up.”

“Life is happening. I’m not attached to it.”

“I’m laughing all degrees away.” quote

“What is life, living, and teaching? What you ‘see’.”
Know when to say ‘get off my radar.

I have had many, what I call, transmissions come through,
that I feel are relevant and positive for the whole of life itself.
As I asked life itself; “How does seeing begin?”
The answer: “A force beyond recognition.”.

I could not stop laughing.

Elena Shumilova son with duck

“There cannot be any false agenda towards this lady.”
“Il ne peut y avoir de faux ordre du jour vers cette dame.”
“Non vi può essere alcuna falsa agenda verso questa signora.”

“The pen is mightier than the sword?
The heart is mightier than the pen.
Life begins before it is written.”

“I have humbled heart for all of living, however ….
will close the doors on any form of matter,
that is not coherent with this lassies tree of life growing.”

“The external journey is not the same as the internal.”

“I know no-thing. I simply know sOMe-thing.”

Thank you Nic Askew
All quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated.
I am so grateful for the collaboration of all artists allowing the sharing.
Images: unknown unless stated with all due respect & grateful for sharing.
Image: owl in mirror pamela leigh richards
Image: porcupine Edwin Kats Photography
Image: Son with Duck Elena Shumilova
Sharing the Travel: OceanHeart ~ a book being written from a life lived to inspire.

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