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Voice of the Sphaera

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 22, 2014

meadow child flying in love with flowers 1Leaves on Water towards island of peace pamelameadow child flying in love with flowers 2

“Life is not about how many. Tis’ about how many ‘see’.
Mind your view.”

Pamela in Pink with friends

A time in space.
Photo taken not long after her near fatal accident in 2010 involving a TBI.
Twas’ a garden party where a musician friend was playing.
The lady was so free. No drink, or doctors drugs, or anything,
for she was protective of her brain and being.
Simply flying on high from life itself seeing with ‘new eyes’.

Percheron pamela quote


“If you love the music, the stories go with it.”

“The world is my band with a little bit of rock and roll in equalibrium with a kind flow.”

A Tear In Your Eyes

“Dancing through the rain.
Some people can’t handle the tears of honesty.
However, as they roll by?
Maybe the falling salt water?
Will have planted a seed in another to recognize?
Something within themselves.”

Inner Peace pamela quote

“Meet me in the middle of forever, whether it is here or there.”

“I would rather have few friends who live freely to speak,
than many who hide in secrecy.”



“Be careful which music you follow.”

“I will not pass down histories teachings,
that derive profit from injury or death.”


Wanna fly? Drop the baggage.
Clean your house before boarding okay?

“If she leaves anything in her wake,
may it within heart resonate.
I assure you, twill be out of your thinking state.”

Lady dance beach waving scarf beautiful

IN PEACE may we all dance together,
with the Sun, the moon, and the stars,
in honourable connection eye to eye.
I see thee.

Take Time.
You Will Begin to Hear and Feel,
beyond what you were ever taught to believe.
Life is miraculous and so are YOU. Wake up to yourself.

splashwater_istock pamela quote

Clean Earth. Clean Water. Clean Air. Clean skies.
Clean Hearts and minds.
I will not play the wobble in wasted time.”

Green Bird pamela quote 2

“Life is just a show.
She is a player in it with a role that you cannot fire,
before she quits.”

Pamela Quote Green Leaf Tree
Lady Green Nature Butterflies Pamela quote
Lady Green Golden Rolling Hills Pamela quote Steadfast True be you

The keys of life.
Balance Left and Right. Black and White.

TBI ~ The Silent Epidemic. The Walking Wounded.
The worst thing anyone can say to one who is living through a TBI?
Is: ‘I know how you feel’. Unless of course, you too have had one.
I was also dealing with ABPV (acute benign positional vertigo).

“She had no inhibitions living in her heart and out of thought.
So connected to nature after her fall.
The rain poured over her like a fresh water shower.
Birds flew all around whilst the thunder rolled.
The lightning spoke.
The earth beneath her feet rumbled to its lovely beat.
She could feel.
The sky echoed its magnificent voice.
Carry her, carry her upon this beautiful journey.”

Mountain Snow covered 2


The lady is protective of her flight plan.

cat hmmm?

“When you are drowning in quicksand is it okay to ask for one last drink?”
I’ll have water without the mud please, thank you.”

Rain flowing flowers

Build What You Sea ….
(13c.), from Latin imaginari “to form a mental picture to oneself, imagine”
(also, in Late Latin imaginare “to form an image of, represent”)

“Be like water my friend.”
~ Bruce Lee

Edwin Kats

“He who looks outside dreams. He who looks within, awakens.”
— Carl Jung

Tis’ what I’ve experienced and will share with humbled and deep respect for what I see.
I went ‘within’, found inner peace, for there it truly sits simply waiting patiently for ones arrival.
There are worlds within worlds of reflecting light forms.
The dream state is ‘in’ AND ‘out’.

“BE outside in the dream living in kind as awakened. As one would BE awakened ‘within’.”


“I’ve been doing research on life itself and found there is nothing to know.”
~ pamela leigh richards journals in time.


Colour of Soul
“Create the world you wish to see
Remember a place of blending sensories
Where peacocks sing in purples and blues
And shades of orchids leave lips quivering
There is a place within all of us and you know
Inviting a dance to express the colour of your soul.”
~ pamela leigh richards 2009

“Do not lock life in the boundary of a thought of law,
that causes separation to control.”

 “What do you do when you don’t know? Stop asking the question and go.”

Notice: I am humbly grateful to those upon these pages,
that created beautiful things shared, when I could not.
Together, it will be peaceful flowing in the universe like leaves on a tree.
quotes and sayings: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated with gratitude and respect, thank you.
images: unless stated unknown with all due respect.
image: feet reflecting water – plr

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