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The Beauty of Light

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 15, 2014

Girl Unicorn LeftDove Reflecting Flight Pamela quote 2Girl Unicorn
Seagull beauty flying
Pamela Magic Garden Snow
Yellow Flowers Reflecting Pamela quote Beautiful people

“She is alight”
“Do not look to judge. Simply be yourself in love”


Laughing eye to eye. I see you giggling
Goldfish says to the other:
“hey mate, I see a way out of the fish bowl through the cats eye”


“Never deny your brilliance”
“Love more that which you leave. Just don’t think about it.”

“”If I went to sleep this night and hence not woke in the beauty of another morns light?
The pages strewn about my floor would be a poets lore.”

Pamela quote kitten in hammock

Linx connecting pamela quote

“When the student is ready? The seed will appear.”
“Patience has been her guiding light.”
“Everything is make believe.”
“If only you knew me.”

Girl Look Pamela quote LIVE
Girl B-W on Earth looking up 9
Pamela Feather beautiful

Peace. We’re all here doing our thing.
To teach. I repeat ….
“Know when to say yes, when to say no.
When to open doors and when to close.”

quotes and sayings: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated with gratitude and respect, thank you.
images: with all due respect, unknown unless stated, thank you for sharing the beauty of your creation.
image: snow on tree: pamela leigh richards
image: feather in finger (on both occassions): pamela leigh richards

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