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Setting the Pace

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on January 05, 2014

The Pause Pamela Quote

“I’m a little particle with a heartbeat.”

“The worst thing that can happen to me is to continue living in the world as it is.
The best thing that can happen, is to say what I have to say before I leave.”

Our inner renovation is the awakening of an intelligence not born of the mind
but of an inner silence of mind, which alone has the ability
to uproot all of the old structures of one’s consciousness. 
Unless there is an inner renovation, nothing new and fresh can flower. 
Only the old, the repetitious, the conditioned,
will flower in the absence of this renovation.
Our potential lies beyond the known, beyond the structures of the past,
beyond anything that humanity has established. 
Our potential is something that can flower only when we are no longer caught
within the influence and limitations of the known. 

“Patience does not need the idea of glory.”

“When she transformed into a butterfly,
the caterpillars could not see the beauty they would about to become.
They wanted her to change back into what they thought she should be.
But she now had wings.”

Lady Butterfly in the fields of green

“Listen and Silence have the same letters.
Babylon has changed over time and space.
All contracts null and void.
Meet me in the middle with grace.”

Peace is her desire. Calm is her Passion. Love is her Knowing.
Flying ~ ‘Life’ is her ‘wingman’.

“The great spirals apparently lie outside our stellar system.”
~ Edwin Powell Hubble

“Doubt leaves yourself open to someone else’s interpretation.”

“The lady is on a trip with no boundaries.”


“Sail on over waves that will always bring you hOMe.”
“The hearth is in the heart.”

“If we are all a part of god,
then the One who walks over to stop someone from kicking a dog,
I feel god has done its job.”

“Tears are merely god in action,
showing the heart of compassion.”

“I feel like an instrument singing a song that has yet to be heard.”

“May one day we not ever have challenges in order to ‘see’ what life can BE.”

quotes and sayings: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated with gratitude and respect, thank you.
images: with all due respect, unknown unless stated, thank you.

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