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Going with the Flow of Know

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 28, 2013

“The beauty you see, is the beauty in thee”
Die Schönheit sie sehen, ist die Schönheit in dir.
La bellezza di vedere, è la bellezza in te.
La beauté vous voir, est la beauté en toi.

My heart beats for PEACE.

“There’s always an exception to the rule.
Know you can cross the imaginary lines.
The time is now to take the step.
Leaving the one you just left.”

Pamela quote Egypt Sand Feet blue

“I love deeply beyond what we came to believe.”

Tiger Reflecting Green Eyes pamela quote

leggy creature Pamela quote

I have so much more to share.
So many visions crying to get out.
Step inside my mind for a ride.
First you must let go of the trash.
With the desire it helps humanity ourselves.
Together we shall recognize life itself.
Beyond the word, outside of mind, into heartfelt kind.

“Égale sont nous? Nous allons voir.”
(equal are we? we shall see.)


“Crossing over the imaginary line,
into another page that always turns throughout time.
Let us plant the garden well and treat her in kind.”

I had to sell all my filming equipment to get by over the last few years, albeit one still camera and a video camera. I have hours and hours of footage that I will someday collate into films with a desire to help UPLIFT and INSPIRE others. I thoroughly enjoy collaborating and live through the eyes of others that DO, when I could not. Thank you to all the CREATORS. Your gifts are well received with much appreciation. We are a mighty fine collage 🙂

quotes and sayings: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated with gratitude and respect, thank you.
images: with all due respect, unknown unless stated, thank you.
Image: Foot of Pamela in Egypt 2007

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