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Leave Mind Open Heart

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on December 07, 2013

Ocean Pier Waves at sunsetForest Leaves WalkwayOcean Pier Waves at sunset

“When the whole world sits in Peace within….
Is when the universe will hear this moment and grow from it.”

“We can have calm in the ocean of energy. No waves necessary.
Although waves do come and go like life itself.
The difference, I believe, are the waves flow in coherency.
Without the thought of babylon, the water lands on the shores with no regrets,
merging back into that whence it came from, on the ride of experience.”


“Therefore in order to control myself,
I must first accept myself by going with and not against my nature.”
~ Bruce Lee

“I don’t know what it is about you Pamela but you are very different.
And I do not quite yet understand what it is,
but don’t ever change.”
~ lady from Holland

reflecting rainbow trees pamela quote

Thank you m’lady. I will continue growing like the branches of a tree.
And if you are a bird that needs some rest? Please feel free to sit kindly 🙂

Ciaran Shaman Artist Cat upon colours

I see you. Peace among humanity please 😉
“humanity (n) ~ late 14c,
“kindness, graciousness,
~ from Old French humanite’, umanite’,
~ human nature; humankind, life on earth …”

“Dancing in DeLight outside the web of sight” 🙂

“Life is trying to do all this stuff in computer land, while life itself is happening all around.
Crying out to be heard and to be touched? The leaf, the tree, the songs of birds that sing.
Not desiring touch by the hand of humanity, although this is graciously accepted in kind.
More so, touched with understanding and connection that speaks far beyond the sense of any word.
Tis’ a feel thing that cannot be described, only known.”

“If I take my last breath today,
I shall leave having not one regret,
for what I had to say.”

“Life is not only a mystery, it is a joy to be expressed.
Pay attention to your path of creation.”

Puppy Flower Pamela quote

“Life has helped me gain strength to live.”

“The way through life? Is facing it.”

Baby Deer Dawn Abraham in Wildlife - Pamela quote

The sound of hOMe.

Pamela quote - by the light of night

“Flying in the night ..
Your destiny is set and the stars will be waiting for your arrival,
when the time is right.”

Pamela quote love yourself istock photo

“Forgiveness and letting go,
is when love and hate,
come together in the middle of forever.”

“Life is a magnificent journey outside of here.”

“We are living in a time not to remember, yet, to forget.”

Lady Free Pamela quote

“She will not carry the burdens another bears.”

“Time has no relevance until the moment it happens.”

quotes and sayings: moi unless otherwise stated with gratitude and respect, thank you.
images: with all due respect, unknown unless stated, thank you.
image: Cat on colours – Gratitude to Ciaran Shaman
Image: Love Yourself –
Dolphins in the Deep
Peace on Earth
OceanHeart the book yet to be written
The Gift of a Fall
The Journey

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