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The flight of life

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on November 27, 2013

sailingPamelas White Rose 2sailing

Her White Rose.
A photo she took when the journey changed direction in her life.
She flew with the petals expanding not knowing where they would lead her.
However, life is magical. They drew her back to the garden she adored upon high.

“Peace is graceful.”
“Never let the outside world influence your inner knowing.”
“Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.”
“When you doubt yourself you open the door for another’s interpretation.”

Be clear in heart, mind, body, soul, and everything you have yet to know.
Knowing when to say yes, and when to say no.
Always for the good of the whole.
Knowing when to let go.

White Swan reflection Gandhi quote

“I cannot teach you violence, as I do not myself believe in it.
I can only teach you not to bow your heads before any one
even at the cost of your life.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

With Gratitude and Love. Thank you.
Namaste’ I see thee.
May we all do the same equally in Peace.

Isn’t it nice to share space and time in flight?

“I love what I know. I love more, what I’ve yet to know.”

I found it interesting that the White Feather fell from nowhere at 07:22.


Pamela screen shot of film in Northern New Mexico cold and barefoot 3

Someone has to do it.
“The whole world is a garden. Live not for any doubt.
Live the line in between the lies.”

Magick Garden Monsoon 1 Aug 11 The Doves of Peace pamela quote

Squirrel Pamela quote magic garden
I’m a dreamer
Always have been. No thing can stop her.

Magick Garden Monsoon 1 Aug 11 The Brilliance seeing after a TBI
Pamela magic garden rainbow 1
Her simple magic garden

Eyes and mind like a hawk.
A dancer makes sure they make their point 😉

“When you walk in the forest …
what is the difference between the life of a tree growing freely,
and your mind thinking?
Know when to shut up.”

Fractality of Life quote copy

“Someone started the train and everyone got on board.
When you can laugh is when war and peace finds the door.”

Ocean Walkway pamela quote

No Separation Pamela Quote

Whale Mountains Pamela Quote

Another may try to kill me, yet, they shall never insult me.
Un autre peut essayer de me tuer, et pourtant,
ils ne sont jamais m’insulte.

RAINBOW Sedona 1 Dec 2013 pamela quote

Lady Water Floating pamela quote

“Life is not about living forever.
It is about living with yourself forever.”

“There is no greater Freedom than Truth in Love.
There is no greater love than truth without fear.”

quotes and sayings: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise stated with respect, thank you.
The Light Will Never Go Out
The Dancer on the Beach
Here Comes the Sun
images: unless noted unknown with all due respect, thank you.
image: white rose ~ pamela leigh richards
image: sailing ship ~ purchased
image: pamela walking in snow barefoot
image: pigeons copyright pamela
image: squirrel copyright pamela
image: garden copyright pamela
image: rainbow hummingbird feeder copyright pamela
image: rainbow one way ~ dear friends upon a happenstance shared. Thank you!
quote: on the fractality picture from “Stick It” the movie

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