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Swimmingly Lovely

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on November 11, 2013

Bill Mortimer white bird left 1Forest Path 2Bill Mortimer white bird right 2

“Imagine a forest with many paths. Step away from one path and walk your own.
We live, we learn. We come, we go. We see, we don’t.
We choose ~ knowing we are never alone.”

The Dreamer is the Dream Pamela quote 5

“If you think
you’re too small
to make a difference,
you haven’t spent time
with a mosquito”
~ African proverb

Life living freely 3

“You’ll find more danger,
in one day,
in any city in the world,
than you will ever find,
in those forests.
Do you understand that?”
~ Film ‘Instinct’

“All scholars out there,
please meet me,
in the middle of forever,
look me in the eye,
and say nothing.”

“Timing is everything.
Actually it is not about time,
it is about the beat.
Make it count.”

squirrel pamela quote 2

Pamela quote love has left its fury

When you have no budget and A TBI (traumatic brain injury). You work with what you have.

The Pause Pamela Quote

“How do you know unless you SEE?”

If you are missing a coordinate?
You will continue to be lost at SEA.
Floating in an ocean of confusion.

Life is not about your religion.
It is about who you ARE.
Become aware of the AWE that you ARE.
So beautiful.

Beach wave blue pamela quote

“We are all a living purpose. From the seen and unseen.
Treat yourself well and the rest of life will smile with thee.”

“You never lose anyone or anything.
Mind game while we all walk through the pain.
Comfort is knowing you are not alone.
What is apparently gone shows us the beauty of who we are.
Get out of mind and never lose heart.”

“My honour is in truth.
May my last breath be in it.”

“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare,
but because we do not dare, things are difficult.”
~ Seneca

White wolf white wolves totem animal wolf
“Never defend an irresponsible thought.”

Wolf beautiful

“All the knowledge in the world,
holds not a candle,
to one precious moment.”

Hand Grass
“OM Have Merci”

Pamela Egypt arch ocean 4

“When I hear things in this world,
I cant help myself but to think outside of it.”

Time to blow out some candles.
Burst some bubbles maybe?
I think so 🙂

“The worst thing that can happen to me,
is to continue living in the world as it is.
The best thing that can happen,
is to say what I have to say before I leave.”

Rain Flower pamela quote

Lady Butterfly in the fields of green

quotes: pamela leigh richards copyright beginning to never ending, unless otherwise noted
images: unless noted unknown with all due respect.
image: white egret flying – bill mortimer with gratitude and appreciation.
image: pamela lightning original film screen shot edited by Diego, with gratitude and appreciation.
image: The Garland ~ Shiela Wolk
image: hand in grass

If you wish to travel: From The Heart Life Will Know
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Celestial Space Builder
Invisible Light
Become Aware of the Awe that you ARE

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