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Shattering Illusions

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 26, 2013


“Magic blew in on the wind,
through a leaf speaking silently.
Are you listening?”


I was moving some glass doors,
removed from the bath,
in the main house,
that were placed on the walkway.
One was fine. The second one?
Well, I held the brass handle,
and in slow motion,
the whole thing exploded,
into tiny glass pieces,
completely clean.
Not a scratch on moi.
It was incredibly smooth.
Talk about synchronicity.


The strength of a nation,
derives from the integrity of the home.
If one feels it safer,
to not speak ones truth,
if one feels afraid that in doing so,
might cause great changes?
If ones heart and soul,
cannot bear the consequences?
Then keep quiet.
Like a sword and a stone we sharpen one another.
If one cannot hear the other?
Maybe they will someday after one has flown away.
Noone changes anything by playing it safe.


“Every step along the way …
be patient for the next ONE you make.”


No revolution happens outside,
until it is cleared INside.
“Who is courageous enough to admit themselves to the world?”

“All cards on the table
is the way I play.”


“Life never needed an adversary,
in order to BE.”


The Phoenix Pamela quote


“My real self wanders elsewhere,
far away, wanders on and on invisibly,
and has nothing to do with my life.”
~ Hermann Hesse

This caught my very feelings.
“Touching the unreachable reach.”

“I’m not doing what everyone else is doing.
I’m simply breathing.”

Puzzled Cat pamela quote


“I’m not tiptoeing through the tulips,
I’m flying through the weeds of experience.”


“You will never catch what’s happening now.”

“I will not promote a sick education.”
Education – Educare “bring up…”
Related to educere “bring out…”
From ex-“out” + ducere “to lead”.


“I don’t know a silly thing,
however, I do know this…
‘Love has no separation,
and Peace has no enemy.’
Put that in your pipe and smoke it.”


There is no Lake in the photo.
Turn sideways 😉

“It is all about perspective.
Don’t be afraid to show yours.”

“Truth is not frightening,
peoples fears are.”


“Calming waters come after the storm.
Know you are never alone.”


“One who holds magic in their hands
with ill intent upon another form of life?
Will cease to exist.
And return to the beginning of balance.”

Lady Peace Bubble Earth

“I care not what you wear.
I care what is in your intentional nature.”

“Tough love is coming in to play.”


“I like to live life,
how I would like to happily,
like to look back on it from the future.”

pamela crystal skull redstone drive

Crystal Skull.
Found buried on the property I live on.
Dug up by the workers during renovation and gave it to me.
“Peace is my focus. Balance is my direction.”
Cleared it knowing crystals hold memory.
Infused it with OM SHANTI = Universal Peace.
The power of charge 🙂
Grateful and humbled for the recognition with absolute grace 🙂

pamela crystal skull dolphins

“Nested in a bed of her magic garden with clean water,
in love with a dolphin flying in forgiveness to heal all hearts and minds.”

Girl Earth Wolf Thoreau Quote pamela edit

“Truth is not rocket science.”


silver spoon leaf pamela

“The Silver Spoon was also found on the property and given.
I do not question its purpose.
Yet, know its peaceful inner intention.”

elephant water

“The most confused we ever get,
is when we’re trying to convince our heads,
of something our heart knows is a lie.”
~ Karen Marie Moning

Duck Kitty pamela quote creative nature

“For there will be no more war.”

white rose october 2013 wildflower inn

“The White Rose that grows under the Wildflower IN.”

“May the beauty of your birth
continue to flower with every breath you take,
upon every waking day.”

Quotes: pamela leigh richards
unless otherwise stated in kind respect
Images: unknown unless obviously hers with respect.
Image: wolves: Jody Bergsma respectfully
Image: Crystal Skull: pamela leigh richards
Image: White Rose: pamela leigh richards copyright 2013

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