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Quality less Quantity

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on August 30, 2013

Cat Slant pamela quote

“Just make peace and have it mean something.”

“I AM dancing in the wave, and it is okay.”

“If you touch it, it will appear.”

“What great valor in relief.”

Erik Schepers wallpaper Pamela quote

“Don’t worry. It’s just the way it is. This too shall pass, and we’ll get over it.”

“We’re all trying to fit into each others dreams, may we cross creation peacefully.”

“When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am.”
~ Iris, Goo Goo Dolls

Pamela Dolphins Red Sea quote 8

“What if I do not know your knowledge? How can our hearts be denied a greater truth.”


“Not everyone sees the same, and sometimes you cannot help them.”

“What is remembered by time …
will be nothing but this ladies reflection for others to make of it what they will.”

“Life is like a movie. Don’t play it as an actor, BE it reel as the Assistant Director,
for we are surely not doing this alone.”

“No riddle nor teaching will show me the way, for the way is clear.”

“We can actually accomplish things by peaceful means.”

Pamela quote Egypt Sand Feet blue

“It’s as real as it gets and this lady’s getting real.”

Clark Little Photography

“The finger that points lest be prepared for its purpose. Love has left its furry.”

Pamela quote cougar run sun shadow

“I’m just a vessel speaking silly words.”

“I love you as big as the sky, even if it’s missed in the twinkle of her eye.”


“The point is much bigger than the detail.”

“Firstly, in order to find the answer you must stop asking the question.”
I know, it’s hard to do isn’t it?

“A picture paints a thousand words and recognition sings eternities song.”

“Never judge nor compare.
Have you your’self’ ever been in great despair,
where you had to reach out for something ~ anything,
in order to come to the surface simply to breathe? I have.
So please, if you have not walked in this ladies shoes,
do not speak unless it is done so softly.”

“The truth is always funny as long as one can face it.”

“The mind complicates life and we must get over ourselves.”

Wave Clark Little

“I can see the gentle sweep and won’t get caught up in it.”

“I’m singing but you cannot hear?
I’m singing yet, the sound floats across your mind with no understanding?
Tis’ okay, for our voices will float gently until we all do.”

A Prayer I said after my near death experience in Jan of 2010:
“Every bite I take feeds the hungry.
Every drink I take nourishes the thirsty.
Every breath I take awakens me further along with another.
Every step I take shows me just how much farther I can go.”

“I love what I know. I love more what I’ve yet to know.”

When one gets to know one’self’ tis’ easy.
His’story’ is bound to be repeated unless you learn from it.
I have learned I’m not here to repeat it.
Erase the memory tape.

“We teach, we learn, we live, we know.”
“Life is a game, BE-AweARE of what you ACTivate.”
“Peace it together here. Stop following the clock.
And I do not even have to breathe to speak.”

“Nature is coming IN.”

“It has never been about me, yet, I AM what its all about.
It is about everyONE, including ME. How cool is this equalstanding?
Take care of your’self’ first and foremost,
knowing you are greatly loved,
have purpose and value, meaning and …. imagination to create new beginnings.”

“Let go of EGO [Energy Going Out of control].
Become what you ARE without thought from the Heart.”

“If I’m flying faster than you, please do not tether me to the floor of your mind.
When you are ready, there will be no floor.”


“Stay high on happy.”
“I care not how big your audience is, I care what they know.”
“Life is what you pay attention to.”

Pamela Quote Green Leaf Tree

“Peace is easy. Love knows nothing else.”
“We come, we go, we fall, we stand, we live, we die, we are not alone in life.”
“Don’t waste time. There is no time to waste.”

“What I ‘think’ is coupled with another that ‘thinks’. What manifests is when our Hearts meet.”

“When the disciple and the guru meet, then they will both vanish.”
~ unknown


“There is an opening and a closing. Dance with that which is untouched by it.”

Pamela quote ocean waves

“You can never wake up too late.”

“My hybernation is not quiet. Tis’ filled with many travels as I write.”

“In order to make things right, requires a change of heart and mind.”

“You will never learn from anything you have ever been told.”


“She was born to die. The opposite side is knowing you are always alive.”

“What you’re doing is nothing more than what I can think.”


“Sometimes we’re the player on the courtyard,
and sometimes we’re the viewer in the stand.”

“We’re here to change the routine.”

“My strength is not physical, it’s heartfelt.”

“You didn’t owe it to me to be a descent coach. You owed it to me to be a descent human being.”
~ Stick It the movie

“Until one walks in another’s shoes with fact, their opinions are useless.”

“I’m aware and I’m here. It’s what I do with it that matters.”

“I think we make it up as we go along. Someone else did.”

“In the world but not of it. Read between the lines.”

“It’s your view. It does not mean it is true.”

“No fight, all gain.”

Pamela quote Fox in Snow

“Denunciation without inquiry, without recognition, is the height of benightedness.”
“Proper research from an uncorrupted mind will expose and correct falseness in true light.”

Clever Cat puzzled
“When you die? Are there still space ships in your eyes?”

“Even when noone is laughing, if you keep laughing,
they will begin laughing without knowing why? Keep it UP!”

“Creation is all about movement, then rest.”

“When you walk off the playground, there is no game.”

“When you finally leave, noone will understand you, but your’self'”

“How do you deal with a thief holding a gun?
You give him everything and smile as you gently walk away into the sun.”

“I know it is easier said than done sometimes, however,
never let another destroy a beautiful moment together.”

“All truth that has ever died is coming alive.”


“You go to sleep, then you wake up to your real~eye~sation.”

“You can’t help but to know yourself.”

“Do you want to see the world through many eyes, or just yours?
At the same time know when to open doors and when to close.”

“Know me. Do not be afraid of me.”
Compassion. The goddess of it ALL.
As long as there is an equal calibration IN coherency with Peace,
like a petal growing on a flower, or a leaf of a tree?
No need for much teaching to equal~eyes~ing this standing.
Get off my page if you ‘think’ it’s necessary.
Then meet me in the middle of forever.

“Is my dream any different than yours? No. It’s all a dream awakening.” Ha!

“Will my capital letters hit home?
Or will the silence of my Heart do so?”

I believe it works both ways.
For there is no ONE way.
Tis’ simply what you choose to make it.
Neither here nor there, just a way to go.
Keep laughing along and may it be always in Peace 😉

Lady Bengal pamela quote

“There is something NEW going on.”

“I don’t know what I’ll do until i wake up?”

THE GIFT to all of humanity.
Caring for the journey, living it, loving it, and coming out of it.
Peace may it BE for ALL INvolved. Over and out.

Cat Duck walk pamela quote

Pamela quote egg

“Who made up what our world used to be and NOW we’re trying to figure it OUT?”

“For some reason this is happening. Keep laughing. I AM.”

“So your reply to this was fine.”

Nemos Chair Pamela quote Light 2

I am reposting this. Wrote it in 2010 after my near death experience.



Quotes: pamela leigh richards unless otherwise noted.
Images: Unless noted unknown with humbled gratitude in sharing.
Image: Earth Blue magnetic red to reflecting Erik Schepers
Image: Dolphin in Red Sea Egypt Pamela films
Image: Hawaii Sun Wave Clark Little Photography
The I-Ching: Research it yourself.
Image: Rock garden ~ moi

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