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Time to wipe the slate clean.

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on March 30, 2013

Blue Sailing Ocean pamela quote

“The past will not help one change the direction of the future.”

“I’m not here to tell you what to think.
That is not freedom.
I’m here on an artistic endeavor
To share what I see.”

Pamela quote energy wearing

“When I exit this stage? I believe, I got out early for good behaviour.”

consciousness.Grid.Event Rising.Pamela compilation

“Nothing is ever difficult if you can handle the truth.”


“Do not see with ‘thought’, see with Heart.”

Pamela Quote Indigo children

“Are you willing to drop all the knowledge you worked so hard for,
and took all that time to learn, clinging to it so ferociously, yet,
be willing to let it all go, for the truth that resides within you?”


A Muse ..
“If I leave this place with what I think? I shall then leave you with it.”

Dolphin-Kiss Sun Pamela

“Patience is a beautiful virtue ….”

Water Fall Flying Pamela quote

Sea Girl Far Far Away Quote

“State of being from the heart, means disengaging from ‘thinking’.
The challenge is dancing with the knowing in between.”

“Doing my best to express.”

Creation is amazing.

Dolphin Blue Ocean Pamela Quote

The Kiss Pamela quote

“When mind and heart step in line,
the third force of the trinity comes to light.”

Nemos Chair Pamela quote

“Meet me in the middle of forever, after all the chatter is known to be irrelevant.”

Pamela quote forest trees road to light

Pamela quote Steps to Right


“You have to sit in your own boat along the seas of journey.
Knowing there will be a point reached, of no returning.”

Pamela Quote Fractals Gratefully

“The bottom line is … what are you willing to die for?
A ‘thought form’ or a knowing.”

There is a difference.

Lady Tree of Life Pamela quote

“Have you ever ‘thought’ that intelligence is beyond thinking?”

Pamela quote mushroom golden glow

Pamela quote blue flowing water rocks

Pamela quote Animals getting along


Cat book pamela quote

Pamela quote red rock garden 2010

Quotes: authored by pamela leigh richards *from time immortal*
Images: Unless noted unknown. Thank you.
Image: Siloughette Sunset ~ Bill Mortimer
Image: pamela red rock tree ~ pamela
Image: pamela red rocks standing ~ Bill Mortimer
Image: White Feather ~ pamela

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