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The Path

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on October 30, 2012

As it is said that we are all ONE? Then …
I’m just observing myself all over the place.
Not sure I agree with all of the ONE.

“I care not what you wear, I care what is in your nature.”

I feel some are coming round to themselves.

“If what you are looking at causes a reaction?
Change your reaction and the picture will change.”

“Did you know that every symbol has three perspectives?
Every word has more than one meaning.
There is nothing more to meet the eye when you make up your mind.
Follow your heart and ‘see’ between the lines.
It is time to open the door,
of the Mother of All in Kind.”

“Life is a theory told to be sold until one lets go.Then where do you go?
Make up your mind.”

“Upon ones Heart to the spirit of Life delivers prayer that once met,
one would be so humbled to curtsy with gratitude.”

“The life of the party is to be high spirited.”
~ Terence McKenna

“If the shoe fits wear it and if it feels good share it.”

“Just because … never judge.”

“The truth is everywhere. It is never lost and can never be found for it never leaves.
It is right here. It is what just left and what is about to begin.
The fleeting moments of every NOW.”

“I do not need to know the language of man ~ to know who you are and who I am.”

“There is nothing more discerning,
than to let go of what we have been taught to believe in our surroundings,
and to face the reality of our own being.”

Quotes: copyright Pamela Leigh Richards unless stated.
Images L&R of top video: copyright Pamela Leigh Richards
Other Images: Source unknown unless stated with gratitude, thank you.
Image Dolphin: Pamela in the Red Sea, Egypt.
Image Owl Facing Up: Toru Kona
Image Whale: Bill Mortimer

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