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Letting Go ~ The Silence Between the Lines

Posted in: Films by Pamela on April 02, 2012

“I believe being years ahead of your time is as simple as changing your heart and mind.”

“Sometimes the subtlety of an inspirational spark is ignited between the beat of a Heart.
Do not miss it.”

“I am tired of traveling in someone else’s dream.”

“Be Still and Still will Be.”

Cleaning House
“Intelligence of the greatest measure will never be seen nor registered here.
It is in the Silence within and unseen, that determines everything.”

“The Chatter Does Not Matter.”

“You can tell a story any way you like in diction, yet, truth is so much better than fiction.”

“One who has no forgiveness in Heart, lives a life worse than death.”

“You are the Event Rising.”

“There is another way.”

When the student (pupil) is ready, the teacher will appear.
You are the student and the teacher in One.
Where you look there you ARE, your reality awaits you.
Become aware (aw-are). Become the awe that you ARE.

“Life never dies. It just turns itself inside out.”

“Inner Silent Knowing will reveal More Truth, than thinking ever will.”



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