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Dolphins Free in the Red Sea

Posted in: Films by Pamela on March 15, 2012

History is ‘bound’ to be repeated unless you learn from it.
I have learned I am not here to repeat it.

“The past will not help one change the direction of the future.”

“I think we make it up as we go along. Someone else did.”

It is time to begin ANEW.

You cannot change the system using the same mindset that created it.

“Who will be courageous enough to let go of everything they were ever taught to believe?”

“Life is precise and I am patient.”

“If you close your mouth long enough maybe you can talk with me.”

“We are all prophets. The more minds that believe what you say, the more likely the prophecy is to come true.
Yet, truth in the plural mind, doth not make it truth in the eyes of the One mind.”

“My worth unseen in your mind is still justified.”
“I’m just travelling through space as an experience.”

Silence is Golden. I join with thee.
10,000 Monks uniting for Peace.

The Well of Wishes a Chapter in my book.
“When all is well ‘within’ all is well around.”

Freediving. I am giggling because parts of this reminds me greatly of my own experience
when obtaining my diving license first test time out in the Red Sea, Egypt.
Long story short and funny.
When I gained composure after having to lift my goggle and let sea water in …
He was absolutely brilliant by the way! Helping me to focus.
My instructor swam away and I sat in this similar position cross legged (as you see in this film)
floating metres from the surface and Sea bed.
I was like a human buoy as he viewed (in amusement I’m sure)
later telling me he could see I was in bliss and feeling the weightlessness.
I never wanted to leave.

“When you Free Your Mind of the chatter that does not matter you real-eyes that seeing is internal.
Be mindful of what you ask for. From Heart to head you become external.”
As above so below. So much to know. Yet not. Keep it simple. Peace.

A personal journey? Yes, indeed it is.

“That which we are trying to discover has already been discovered waiting patiently in love for us.”

Heart to Heart, Hand to Hand, Eye to Eye

All quotes: pamela leigh richards unless stated
A new book: OceanHeart

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