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Putting One Foot In Front of the Other

Posted in: A - Fly With Me Productions by Pamela on October 09, 2008

Walking on the beautiful sands of Egypt next to the Red Sea.
Single * Taken by “Life” * .•´*¸•*¨*•.¸¸

“My website has been a never ending film unfolding.”

We are here to heal our’selves’ first and foremost, in my view, in this most personal journey. The greatest gift One’self’ can give the world is to get to know thy’self’, heal thy’self’ and forgive thy’self’. Let go and be free of worry, doubt, angers or hatreds. Tis’ here you will go into the world and be a seed in the field. A seed that will grow from the garden of your pure Heart. To help heal the Earth and everything within it, on it, and around it, lifting ALL higher in flight.

Take control of your life by letting go. Fractal worlds colliding as we are in the mists of change. Ride the crest of the wave and become it. Do not fight it as you free flow into ascension dropping all that is not nurturing. I am so tired of false illusions.

May my heart not fail me now for I am journeying onward with the sails of a ship that has set its course for a land empty and void, wiping the slate clean. To begin anew, embracing all that carries the simplicity of no thought, and only visions ‘within’ the Heart for clear understandings in a place that just IS without fear, for ‘fear’ has never, nor will ever, exist here. Welcome to New Beginnings!


If anything could give a visual of what it has been like ‘within’ my world since ‘THE FALL”
This video would be pretty close. After being flown by helicopter North of my home for emergency Brain Surgery, the left brain was squashed, and as I see it? I got rid of the trash. The neurons firing in those parts of the library of my mind disengaged. I woke up in hospital seeing with what I called “new eyes”. I was scanning life. I was feeling it vs. thinking it. I was operating out of my heart not my head. I was seeing the holographic nature of it. Everything was communicating with me beyond the language of man. The birds, the air, the wind, the trees, the Earth beneath my feet. This was reality for me. This was the way life should be. Peace and lovingly for existence itself. May we all go out there and create this kind of world from the heart, not the head.

I have had the most amazing insights, visions, dreams, knowings and understandings of highly inspirational preportions during the healing and recovery over the last year of 2010, in the silence of my temple (water, body, vessel, vehicle). Life is truly magical. It is Sacred. It is co-created.
‘You are’ the Event Horizon.
‘You are’ the Arc of the Covenant.
‘You are’ the Spark that ignites Creation. Know thy’self’.

Peace & Harmony, we are doing it together changing one mind at a time to balance life.
Time to jump track. Time to do the different. Time to break the cycle.
Time to push the limits of your’self’ and know that everything is possible, right NOW.
Time to Harmonize.

“Life is about Existence Immortal, In Spirit, in Matter of Form and Re-Birth.”
“There is no death. There is only here, there and everywhere.”
“One of the greatest contributions I have given to Life, is making up my mind.”
~ pamela leigh richards

If I could offer something for anyone to do at any time I would say …
Stop thinking, stop asking questions for it is the questions that cause the reactions,
That creates the existence of what you are questioning, that creates the divisions.
Be Calm, Observe more than participate, Walk away & laugh all the time!

As I flew over the Mediterranean from England, entering the lands of Egypt, as clear as day a telepathic message came to me with no words, just a form of pure energy transferring a message and its translation was this:

“You need to get grounded. You need to ground yourself. Plant your feet back on the earth.”

Next, what ran through me after hearing this initial message on the plane were overlapping telepathic thoughts explaining that the reason I had to ground was because …
“You have things to fullfill within yourself.”
“This is a very personal journey.”
“You have to realize your gifts, gain confidence, stand strong”
“You have a Heart to give which would help lift humanity in this physicality”.

I say “The seeking we each strive for will never be found in the external, for what is eternal, what has always been ‘in’ternal, can never be lost, only found.”
A personal journey? Yes, indeed it is.

Paradox: life is a mystery, don’t waste time trying to figure it out.
Humour: Keep a sense of humour, especially about yourself, it is a strength beyond all measure.
Change: Know that nothing stays the same.
~ from Dan Millman ‘The Peaceful Warrior’

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