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Channel 5 Documentary

Posted in: Films by Pamela on March 12, 2009

“David Icke Was He Right.”

Please google this title if you wish to view.

For those who do not know,
this is a very personal/public journey.

The making of this film holds a very special place in my heart.
The crew had come to the house and as they were setting up I brought out my camera to film them filming David. I was ‘filming’ the making of the ‘filming’ of this documentary. The Director, Norman Hull, who has a brilliant creative mind, saw me walk in the front room with my broadcast quality camera and asked if I would be in the film? So, this is how I was in front of the camera, as well as behind it.

David wanted me in it.

I received a Final Edit copy of the film and noticed one spot where the transition between two scenes was incongruent. I wrestled between saying something or letting it go? Insecurities were kicking in. Was there enough time to edit this suggested change? Because it was quite clear to me and in viewing it from the audiences perspective, I thought, I must say it without ‘fear’, speak my mind, and let them decide. I was humbly surprised and very happy that they did make the change suggested and do feel it made a significant difference in the flow of the film at that point.

Doing this taught me to follow my heart first, before thinking twice.
To never give up and never not speak your truth, no matter what.
I was removing insecurities too, as we all have them.
Take a chance because you never know how good something can turn out to be!

Linda, David’s first wife, said in this film,
which, I found relevant for all to take heed with?

I can remember Gareth [son] coming home one day saying some boy had said:
“Your dads mad.”
So Gareth said: “So’s yours.”
And this boy said: “But you don’t know my dad.”
And Gareth said: “Exactly”

And Pamela says “Exactly”.
For what this former extended family,
did to one girl.

Condemnation without investigation. A true height of ignorance.
To believe anything based soley and purely,
on what anyone simply says is frightening.
And believing in another so much so,
that their very words are received without question,
is damaging.


Filming in London for this documentary.

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