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On The Verge

Posted in: The Observation Deck by Pamela on September 02, 2010

Someone said to me the other day; (Thank you Shane.)
“I wish that I could write poetry and words that come from the heart like you do.
You have an amazing gift for writing!”

I was touched and honoured and replied with this;
I discovered something and began to see differently.
I was in the grocery store looking at this woman down the isle just standing there.
It was here, in this moment again, I became one with everything.
I was coming to a realization about life around me so I say this to you:
When someone is a good singer or a really great athlete or an amazing artist?
I look at them and go ‘wow! I’m a good artist or singer or athlete too!
It is just a part of the whole, which is you as well, experiencing itself subjectively.
So, I thank you for the acknowledgement and shall now send this gift back to you with love
in recognition of yourself.

A Gentle Touch
Get A Clue
Columnist: Jann Burner

Once upon a time in the ancient days, long before writing, (before the first scientist)
when man lived in the moment and thrived upon the still warm memories of real Gods and Goddesses, the story tellers of old had a problem.
Their stories became interwoven and entangled and elongated over time
until a good tale was as complicated as modern brain surgery
and yet there were no written words to memorize, no script to refer back to.
No storyboard. How to keep it all straight?

The early story teller would create an architectural wonder within his mind.
He would build a palace and grounds within his imagination.
And this palace and its attendant gardens would be very specific, very detailed and very predictable.
Each flower and arrangement of trees and bushes and each entrance and hallway
and sleeping room and dining room and banquet room and storage room
would be very specific, furnished with very specific pieces in a very precise order.
In his mind this would be a place he could return to time and again
and feel secure that it would always be the same.
Flowers never wilted and paint never faded in the mind of the story teller.
This would be a universe of mnemonic devices, encoded with all the cues necessary
for the telling of his long tale. This was the original Memory Palace.

This was Natures first Random Access Memory, complete with an icon shell
with which to connect the myriad lines of bio-computer code.
Simply point with the imagination and click with willful intent. No mouse necessary.
Thus armed, the ancient story teller could hold his audience spellbound for hours on end
telling a perfectly wonderful and magical story and then, a month later,
in another town, tell it again, exactly the same.

We are God’s Memory Palace. We are an interactive holographic construct of
dynamic memory being visualized by a higher form of consciousness.

We choose a forgetting when we choose to incarnate in this Earth Frame.
We forget who we really are and where we originate from.
We choose, often, a second forgetting, when we forget that there is even such a thing as “Spirit”.
But although we have chosen to forget what we are and where we originate,
we have remembered to give ourselves “clues”.
In every life there is a trail of clues to our truth.
If we pay attention we each have the opportunity to wake up in time.
To literally wake up within this dream we call our “Life”.

Until we “wake up” we are stumbling around like sleep walkers,
bumping into one another, incurring pain and creating drama.
But once we begin to “notice” the clues we have left and the clues
which have been left for us by others, then we start falling into synchronicity and then flow.
As we begin to wake up we discover that it is a pathway and a trail.
We are not lost, we have not been abandoned.
We are not lost at sea on a tiny raft awaiting rescue or death. We are cruisers. [I call it floaters]
We have a point of origination and we have a final destination and we are on a Path.
We are not a chance assemblage of molecules. We are holographic God sparks.

By discovering these clues along the trail of your life you’ll gradually come to—“understanding”.
And what specifically will you come to understand?
Well for one thing, you will come to understand that
this is not the “end of the day” reality you have been taught and a second thing you will learn,
is that you are much, much smarter than you have ever been led to believe.
But most importantly you will want to pick up these clues
so that by the time you pass on beyond this frame, you’ll have succeeded in “getting it!”
You don’t want to be utterly confused and taken by surprise at death,
at the moment you detach and separate from your body. You want it to be a gradual unfolding.

As the Irish say, “May your spirit outgrow your body before your body gives up the ghost.”

There’s nothing worse than having wasted a life stacking up stuff, stacking up “scientific facts”
and chasing vaporous ego dreams until you become so distracted
that when your time finally comes to separate Spirit from body, you’re taken totally off balance.
You don’t have a clue, you don’t “get it”.
You don’t want to end up wandering as a ghost or maybe attach to another
and become part of their dream. Now’s the time to, “Get a clue”.

Article Copyright© Jann Burner

“You must be right for your “condition” or you wouldn’t be in it.”

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